Killing Their Creditors

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By Anna von Reitz

Ever wonder what happened to all the people from the great civilizations of the past?   I mean, where’d they go?  Their civilizations have flourished, sometimes for thousands of years, and then, all of sudden, in a relatively brief period of time, poof!  They vanish.  
Just like the German and Polish Jews during World War II, who were unwise enough to invest in Hitler’s Third Reich.  
Worshiping an all-devouring “god” has its advantages.  
You made a little “mistake” and an unwanted baby shows up — so, sacrifice it in honor of Molloch. 
You made a little “mistake” and over-extended your credit by, oh, more than you could pay off in a hundred thousand lifetimes — sacrifice your creditors in honor of Molloch. 
A giant furnace (Molloch) comes in handy, and if you can gloss things over with some sanctimonious religious overtones and excuses, hey, it’s a very convenient way to erase a lot of mistakes.  
So, good-bye to the Babylonians!  Farewell, the Hittites and Assyrians!  The Mycenaean Greeks!  The Minoans!  The Etruscans!  The Persians!  The Egyptians!  The Romans!  The Brits!  and now, the US, Inc.!  
Too bad the pesky Americans are the actual Preferential Creditors, because it would be too obvious to single them out for extinction.  It has to be a bigger overall sacrifice to mask the actual motives for it.  
Evasion of debt via the “death” of the Creditors is as old as the concept of debt itself.  And if you have a giant furnace all stoked up, well, it’s easy to clean up afterward. 
So, first they stole all our gold to “safekeep” it, and trafficked it to the Philippines and placed the Filipino Government over it as the Trustee.  Then they issued Gold Bearer Bonds against it as political payola to get everyone in on their scheme.  Then, they borrowed all our silver in exchange for paper I.O.U.s….. the list goes on.  
That’s how all this happened.  That’s how Americans became the Preferential Creditors. And that’s why they came up with the scheme to “kill” all the Americans on paper by unlawfully converting us into British Territorial Citizens.  And then converting those British Persons into Municipal Trusts.  
And now, having that scheme fall apart, they’ve hit upon killing us for real by unlawfully converting millions of innocent people into patented Genetically Modified Organisms that their corporations can claim to own as property assets.  
It reads like a really bad novel.  Welcome to the Narrative . It sounded like such a good idea to kill all the American Creditors, they said — if some “debt relief” is good, then more is better!  We owe money to almost everyone, so let’s kill everyone off!  The more the better!  But convert them all into GMO’s first, so we can claim their estates…. 
That’s what these cretins have done, and what motivates them.  Simple greed and evasion of debt.  And it’s been the same cycle ever since Babylon.