“King David” and Charlie Ward

figure, king, david-510612.jpg

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Everyone Worldwide:

There is no such thing as a “Civilian Commander in Chief” available to the Armed Forces in this country.

This is because they successfully mothballed the actual American government in 1860 and until we, the actual Americans, hold elections for our presidential office again, there is no American President to act as Commander in Chief.

Now, too late, they realize that they need a civilian commander to have authority for their actions, but they have forgotten which population is “civilian” with respect to them.

Imagine the problem. They have killed off the actual civilian leadership and are now casting around among their own British Territorial citizenry trying to find a civilian authority to carry their water for them, but this is not possible because their entire citizenry is foreign and exists in a foreign jurisdiction by definition.

They are all military, active duty, reserve, or retired. They are all here under the Residence Act. They are all in foreign status regardless of whatever means they employ to define a civilian sector among a military population.

None of them are civilian with respect to the American Government, so they cannot choose among themselves a “civilian commander in chief”. That is another oxymoron like “sovereign citizen”—- you can’t have a “civilian commander in chief” drafted from a military populace.

And as for “King David” we thought we made our sentiments clear when we rejected King George III?

If the military wishes to espouse a king — any kind of king, they do so for themselves and not us, the actual American civilians.