Let’s Make This Super Simple

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By Anna Von Reitz

Their Territorial and Municipal States are not our States.

Their “States” are actually State Trusts and State-of-State business organizations.

They aren’t our physically defined States of the Union at all.

Never have been. Never will be.

Their “States” are what are called “inchoate” or “incomplete” States, lacking physical substance of their own.

When the Insular Tariff Laws were decided in the very early 1900’s it occasioned the observation by Justice Harlan that they would lead to mischief — mischief based on interpreting United States Possessions as a viable land and soil jurisdiction basis to launch a competing government.

The present attempt to subourne the actual States of the Union using inchoate “States” and “United States Possessions” as an end run around the actual American Government is precisely the kind of mischief Justice Harlan could foresee.

These inchoate “States” are doing their best to bust the world on a wooden nickel, but a lie is a lie and it remains a lie, no matter how you try to hide it and deny it.

A State Trust is not a State.
A State-of-State organization is not a State.
A United States Possession is not The United States.

Anyone who cares to search can find the speech where Former President Obama speaks of “our 57 States”.

He is referring to the inchoate States, the Insular States, and the US Possessions as “States”. All fifty-seven of them are constructed as State Trusts and State-of-State Business Organizations, and none of them have anything to do with our States and our people at all.

Their legislation does not apply to us.
Their mandates and requirements do not apply to us.

It stands forever on the Public Record that our Government consists of republican States, not democratic States, not theocratic States.

So it should be fairly easy for any thinking man or woman to conclude that when they speak of “States” they are speaking in code, referring to their States as if they were our States, when in fact their States are nothing but corporate franchises of various kinds, and our States are physically defined, with rocks, trees, water, landmarks, and borders.

It should also be a slam dunk in the minds of any thinking Jurist that the living people in our States of the Union are not subject to legislation produced by and addressed to our public employees and their dependents.

So the agreements of the G20 regarding VAX “Passports” in no way affects the rights of the living people who are not government Persons or PERSONS to travel freely, to use our own money, administer our own land and soil under our own power and pay no attention to “laws” that are addressed to corporations and their franchises and their officers and employees.

The Mischief — or what I call The Great Fraud — is at an end.