By Anna von Reitz

How can you get up every morning and look in a mirror, now knowing what you know about the dishonest workings of the Church in collusion with the criminal British Government?   It’s a mystery to me.   Having placed a venal man above you to rule as your king in the place of the One who should rule your heart, you continue in these gross errors on the basis of his presumed authority?   That he should prey upon babies in their cradles, and you should prey upon them in his name, and so abuse the innocent and siphon away the value of their estates and their energy and their talents for your own unjust enrichment?   And use the comparatively puny amounts of money you put into charity as a salve for your consciences?  For shame, Cardinal Mamberti.  Will you be an Apologist for the promotion of perpetual war for profit?   Really?   We have come a long road together, you and I.   I have been a faithful correspondent, gathering the proof and bringing it to the High Courts, including the Vatican Chancery Court, for resolution.  Still, there is no judgement in favor of the weary and the victims of these crimes of the churches and the governments that have been run and established under the auspices of the church, no declaration of peace and no good faith effort to end these abuses.  I don’t want to hear more talk.  I want to see more action.   I wish to see an end to the following transgressions:  (1) the use of Cestui Que Vie Trusts, Public Transmitting Utilities, and similar “Special Purpose Vehicles” as a means to rob the living to pay the debts of the dead;  (2) an end to the misrepresentation of the causes of climate change so as to bilk money out of people while never addressing the actual causes of climate change at all;  and (3) misuse of the United Nations, Incorporated, and especially WHO, Inc. as a means to subvert political power and promote disease for profit.   Enough is enough.  If you don’t want the entire population of the Earth set against you and against your Church for these crimes and schemes, then you must take action to correct course and do so immediately.                                                      By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary                                                     The United States of America