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By Anna von Reitz

The FedeRAL Government — notice, the word “Federal” is an adjective?  “Federal” describes Government in “Federal Government”?????  

 “Federal Government” describes the Government under contract via the Constitutions to serve the Federation of States.   Notice— “Federation” not “Federal”.  The Federation of States is what the Federal Government is named after.  We are our own unincorporated Government, of, for, and by the People of the States of this country.   The Federation is its own separate Government — the unincorporated American Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America since 1776.    The Federation of States is what all “Federal” Employees ultimately work for. Including the US President.  Including the USA President.  Including any and all other “Presidents”.   Okay?  Everyone got that?   A President is just the CEO of a Company or Corporation. NOT the Head of State for this country.  SERCO, the Queen, the Lord Mayor, and the Pope, are all Middlemen.  They are all acting as Subcontractors of the Federation of States.  The Federation Government has never left Philadelphia.  We are still there today.  No “remitting” necessary.  This has all been gone over with the Holy See which holds the contracts and the records for our first Post Offices.  We are the Post Masters on the land and the Postmasters on the sea.  All taken care of, agreed to, stipulated long ago and still in operation.  We, the Federation of States that you Federal Employees all work for, has a Treaty with Russia which the Russians have always honored.  It is the American-Russian Alliance of 1858 and we are damned if we are paying anyone one cent to fight the Russians and you do NOT have our permission to use any equipment, personnel or bases or anything else that we have paid for to attack the Russians.  Is that clear to everyone?  Good.  If you have any questions at all call: 1-907-250-5087 or email: avannavon@gmail.com.  This is The actual Government of this country and you’d better believe it. We will back charge and expose anyone or anything in our employment or pretending to be employed by us that contradicts or violates or evades any iota of what you are being told here.