Message to the LBGTQ and CSM and R Communities

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By Anna von Reitz

History repeats itself. 
Hitler rose to power on the backs of people just like you.  The “disaffected” and “alienated” and “under represented” flocked to him in the early days of the Nazi Movement. 
They made up the backbone of his loyal Brown Shirts. 
You may recall that upon getting significant broader spectrum support and funding from the Zionists and the British Crown, Hitler shifted gears, set up the Black Shirts — the SS — and the SS then went in and killed and imprisoned the Brown Shirts.  
All those people who were the political muscle that helped Der Fuhrer rise to power were not just alienated and “under represented” during the duplicitous Nazi regime—- they were hunted down and methodically killed, transported to work camps and dispatched right along with the mainstream Jews.
Well, you see, the Fascists follow a known Modus Operandi.  They pretend to be those they hate.  They start out with what they consider the dregs of society, because such people are discontent with the status quo already and are easy to motivate and manipulate into action.  
Yes, there were Gay Pride Parades led by proud Brown Shirts in the years just prior to Crystal Night.  The Cabarets of Berlin were world famous for every kind of perversion imaginable.  Remember the movie, “Cabaret”?
If not, watch it again.  This is what went on just prior to Hitler taking power in a big way.  
And once he did, all those former friends and supporters, the so-called “Progressives” were thrown not only under the bus, but under the SS heels. 
Think about the road you are on and how petty your grievances really are.  
The people you are sucking up to are Liars.  They actually despise you.  And they will kill you and everyone like you, if they get the chance.  So.  Just remember — those who don’t remember the past are destined to relive it. 
From their perspective, they are just baiting all their targets to come out of their closets and expose themselves, so that they are more readily identified for the coming slaughter.