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By Anna von Reitz

The structure of M1 and M2 adopted by the Central Bank of the Philippines has had everyone enthralled for years.  What are these “Special Positions” and “Special Powers” entrusted to just one person?  And what is all this Secret Spy Stuff?  Code names and numbers?  

M1 is responsible for corporate assets — titles and assignments and Wills and trusts — all the Legal Fiction Lies —-this we know.  

M2 is responsible for physical assets- the actual gold, silver, etc.

And now, all of a sudden, out of the blue, we are told for the first time ever about M Zero, the Grand Muckety- Muck of them all.

Wouldn’t it be more precise to line it out like this?

MZero is Air Jurisdiction.
M1 is Sea Jurisdiction
M2 is Land Jurisdiction

There’s just one problem— I not only have the International Land and Sea Jurisdictions nailed down, I also have standing in the Air Jurisdiction— so MZero needs to talk to me.

Don’t those who have gold and other valuables on deposit in the Philippines deserve to know not only where their assets are deposited, but who is in charge of their safe-keeping?  

And shouldn’t you, a man touted for his honesty, be honest with me and with the American people about the actual status of things between our two nations?

When Spain ceded its interests in the land mass of the Philippine Islands to us as a result of the Spanish American War in 1898, a Treaty of Paris was signed transferring all rights and interests in the land mass of all 101 Islands to our country and $20 million dollars worth of our gold exited our Federal Treasury to expedite the transfer and pay for the costs of the Philippines Government.

We have the Treaty.  We have the receipts. There is really no doubt about this.  The British Interlopers cut the deal “for” us and paid out the money “for” us,  but it was our flesh and blood sacrificed in the war and for many years afterward, defending the Philippines, and it was our gold that paid outright for the transition expenses and it was our gold that later acted as your credit source to pay for the operating expenses of the Filipino Government.

These are historical facts backed up with records.  Nobody disputes them. Not the Holy See. Not the Brits. Not the Lord Mayor of London. Not the Government of Spain.

So let’s fast forward to 1934.  The Territorial U.S. Congress votes to create an “independent Government” for the Philippines so that it can act as the Trustee over American gold stored in the Philippines.

Again, this was the Brit’s action being taken “for” us and our assets, all at our expense, but we are told nothing about any of this history, even though the money for it all comes out of our Federal Treasury and our names — The United States and The United States of America — are all over it.

We, the actual owners, were left in ignorance as the U.S. Navy transported huge quantities of American gold off our shores and to the Philippines for “safe-keeping”.  

Yes, we have the Manifests. Copies were distributed.

Then we have the Second World War and the Japanese came in and looted and transported our gold and the gold of Spanish and Muslim and other patrons out of the bunkers and tunnels.   The legend of “Yamashita’s Gold” was born. Douglas MacArthur, aka, “Mr. Wonderful” made his fine speeches.

Thousands upon thousands of Filipinos and Allied soldiers died in the mud, and millions of metric tons of gold got “transported”.  

Fast forward to after World War II and the Treaty of Manila Bay and something called the “Republic of the Philippines” in which the interests of “the” United States of America (which is the British Territorial United States’ governmental services corporation) are ceded to the Republic of the Philippines, Inc.

Now, many people point to this Treaty and claim that this granted all interest in the Philippines to the Filipino People and everyone cheers—- but that is not actually what transpired.

All that happened is that one commercial corporation ceded its interests in the Philippines to another commercial corporation calling itself the Republic of the Philippines, Inc., and since neither of them owned a pot, this can only be seen as a publicity stunt.

The Sea Treaty called the Treaty of Manila Bay is like a Bank Treaty.  It does not change our ownership interest in the 101 Islands of the Philippine Archipelago which results from the International Land Treaty — the Treaty of Paris negotiated with Spain.

So, we still own the land mass of the Philippine Islands.  We ask you to remember the American soldiers who fought and died alongside the native Filipino people.  It was not only our money but our blood that paid for this interest.

We consider the Philippines an Insular State belonging ultimately to The United States, and we firmly believe that the money trail, public and private records, and many subsequent accords prove beyond any reasonable doubt that what I am telling you and the United Nations and everyone else is true.

Like other Insular States you have the right to become a full-fledged American State of the Union if your people desire to free themselves from the Municipal United States’ enslavement they’ve been living under since WWII.

Look around you, Mr. Duterte—- slums, poverty, crime, the Super Rich 1% lording it over everyone else.  You know in your heart that this is NOT the “American Way” and it isn’t the Americans forcing these conditions on you.  

It’s MZero—- who actually has zero claim to anything.  Not the land, not the soil, and not the air—- because wherever our country’s sovereignty extends, we hold all three jurisdictions.  

Thanks to the Treaty of Paris 1898 and our position as landholder, the Philippine Islands are —and remain —safe.  

Whatever you have been told about any of this, Mr. Duterte, it is very unlikely to be the truth—- but it is American blood and money that your country has received, not anything from “the US”, unless you want to count a million cases of syphilis and being used as a pirate base for international criminals.

It’s time that your people, like the Hawaiian people, like all people— wake up and realize that it hasn’t been the Americans oppressing anyone.  It’s been the British Territorial United States known as “the U. S.” and the Pope’s Municipal United States known as “the US” that have  been using and abusing the Philippines and the Filipino people.  And us, too.

It’s these run-amok Federal Subcontractors of ours working all the payola schemes that cause the criminality. And it’s important for you to know that when they do these awful things they are not working for us. They are working for the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor—- and for themselves, to obtain unjust enrichment as pirates and racketeers.

We call them “the Raj” because they have imposed the same British-based thuggery on us as they did in India, at home, and in many other countries worldwide.

We, Americans, have been steadfast friends of the Philippines and the Filipino people, while these filthy commercial corporations operating “in our names” have robbed and bullied everyone concerned.

Talk to us and tell MZero to talk to us.

It’s time for all the name games and identity theft to stop and for many criminals to go to jail.  It’s also time for the people of your country and our country to get together face to face again.  

The venal foreign corporations that have been using and abusing our Good Names and Trademarks no longer represent us.  We have nationalized their assets and recalled their Federal Reserve Notes.

We are here, presenting ourselves, the long-lost but actual American Government. Please contact us to experience  the decency and generosity and honesty that Americans were once famous for.

 Anna Maria Riezinger, FiduciaryThe United States of AmericaIn care of: Box 520994Big Lake, Alaska 99652 250-5087