Nanny State or Granny State? — Chapter 6

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By Anna von Reitz

I recently used the phrase “keeping your mind” and numerous people were bemused over it, but “keeping your mind” is the flipside of “losing your mind” and if you want to survive, you must learn to keep your own mind against all the opposing forces.
There are many opposing forces, because those in power would rather use your mind “for” you and would rather that you lose your own mind and adopt theirs instead.
Interfering with your ability to keep your own mind is a trillion dollar business. That’s what all the TV and Radio and Computer and Media Cartels are all about — wresting your mind and your attention away from your control.
The only people truly empowered on this entire planet are those who still have their own minds, and those who go back to some point in the past, realize that they were snookered, and retrieve the power of their own minds.
I will tell you right now that self-governance of the kind that our Forefathers envisioned is not possible if you don’t have and keep your own mind, because your mind is your control center. It’s where decisions are made. Your mind is where you “live” intellectually —-and what you think and believe is what drives the actions that you take.
So, can you be self-governing if you lose your mind to someone or something else’s direction?
No, you can’t. And that sorry condition of the individual also sounds the death-knell for America, too. If enough of us lay down our minds and roll over, accepting the BBC Dictum: “Listen and Obey”, there can be no America and no American Government, either.
All that can exist under those conditions is an increasingly helpless, useless, and dependent population of —ahem! — “useless eaters”. And those who spent so much labor and money to reduce the general population to this condition won’t bat an eyelash or accept any of the responsibility for this circumstance.
When we are young, we are herded together into mental pens called “grades” in “Grade School”. We are all more or less the same age in each grade and all more or less supposed to have the same level of skills — even though that is manifestly untrue. Forced into this unnatural and judgmental environment, pecking orders quickly develop, with some being the winner and some being the losers.
We learn very early the power of Group Opinion, whether it is right or wrong — and many of us become so terrified of being on the wrong side of Group Opinion that we never recover.
We learn to bow, scrape, make ourselves invisible, tie our tongues to the roofs of our mouths, and just try to squeak by through this hellish indoctrination camp, because that is largely what schools have become.
Schools unleash the full fury of “Peer Review” which is led, of course, by the Teacher and by older students who have already learned the lessons of indoctrination. These schools teach us to accept the authority of others, but never our own. They teach us to remember and regurgitate orders, but never think for ourselves. We are taught to follow, not lead.
So, if you want to get to the Granny State and leave the Nanny State behind, it is necessary to reprogram yourself and take charge of your own mind — a process of stepping back and looking at yourself and your own past and your own thinking patterns as an outside observer.
Once you do this, you will have many, many “Aha!” moments and moments when you shake your head and wonder, “Wow, why did I think that? ” or “Why did I do that?” or “Why did I believe that?”
And the answer is that you didn’t really think that or intentionally do that or ever believe that; you were manipulated into thinking, doing, and believing.
When you take charge of your own mind again and learn to “keep it” and learn to direct your attention to the things you care about, you will feel an immediate sense of relief. It’s not natural to have other people in charge of your mind, even if you have been conditioned to accept this intrusion all your life.
When you come out of “the Blurr”, or as some people call it, “the Matrix”, there are some common symptoms of awakening.
One day you are the prey of an unseen force goading you first one way and then another, ceaselessly running you ragged, and then, all of a sudden —- peace. You can hear the birds sing. You can feel your own emotions again.
I wish it were entirely happy, but overall, most people experience pain and anger and disillusionment when they realize how they have been mistreated, lied to, and manipulated. There is a grieving process to be endured: shock, anger, pain, denial, acceptance, resolve — and in many cases, commitment to change things.
This is the process I went through and I would expect it to be similar for many of you, but be comforted: at the end of this process, you will find yourself again, and you will be renewed. You will be a stronger, better version of yourself, sure of where you stand and why you stand there.