National Assembly v. States Assembly

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By Anna von Reitz

The “National Assembly” is the group started in Michigan for and by British Territorial U.S. Citizens. They are calling themselves an “Assembly” but they have not declared and recorded their status as Americans, so all they are doing is forming a “Jural Society” instead.
Not a Jural Assembly. A Jural Society. Two different things.
They are not standing on the land and soil themselves but try to prevent others from doing so and make False Claims that they have information that will allow people to regain their counties without organizing their States first, and they persist in this false teaching because when this country first organized, it organized the Counties and the National Government first, and then the States and the International Government.
That was possible at that time because everyone started out on the land and soil.
What they aren’t taking into account is the fact that nearly all of us have been registered as foreign British Territorial U.S. Citizens as a result of the Birth Certificate process. This means that we are NOT starting out on the land and soil; we are starting out “at sea” as far as all the public records show— and we cannot get back to the land and soil until we correct that.
They have the cart in front of the horse and are too stubborn or too stupid to admit it.
As we “return” from the sea we connect from the international jurisdiction of the sea to the international jurisdiction of the land. The international jurisdiction of the sea where we all start out, does not directly connect to the national jurisdiction of the soil—- so to get to the soil again we have to go step by step: from the international jurisdiction of the sea to the international jurisdiction of the land (State) and from there to the National jurisdiction of the soil (County).
If you are in the basement of a house you can’t just blink your eyes and get to the third floor.
That’s what those folks at the so-called “National Assembly” are trying to do and it does not work.
Go to The American States Assembly dot net website and follow the instructions there.