Naval Agency and Distribution Act 1864 — Bingo!

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By Anna von Reitz

Yesterday, I described for everyone how the remaining four “subject matters” of the Admiralty Courts have been used to illegally and immorally come ashore and hypothecate debt against the hapless landlubbers who never needed nor asked for nor authorized any such assistance from Her Majesty’s Navy.
Some people immediately called me names and started pooh-poohing and saying, “Oh, that couldn’t be possible!”
So I went spelunking this morning, and here it is in black-and-white, the British law that Her Majesty’s Government and the Lords of the Admiralty have been employing to do their dirty work the entire time: The Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864.
The same pretenses of “needful assistance” have been used to commandeer America, Australia, Canada, and all the other old Commonwealth nations, in exactly the manner I have described for you in the past.
In America, the Bounders used the excuse that we were in need of their assistance on an “emergency basis” following the Civil War — and so, came ashore and started operating Admiralty Courts on the Land and “hypothecating” debt for this “service”.
In the rest of the world, it has been a hodge-podge of excuses.
The old Commonwealth countries were purportedly given their freedom to form new and independent governments, but the people were never given full disclosure nor any assistance to transition out of the Commonwealth Government to any new system of their choosing. After a period of years, the Queen’s Territorial (Military) Government came back in, using the excuse that no new government had been formed and they were taking charge in the interim.
In occupied Europe, they used the excuse that they were part of an occupation force engaged in peacekeeping and have simply outstayed their welcome and any viable excuse for being encamped in other nations and running their business “for” them.
It’s all British Bunko and it’s all been engineered by their endlessly corrupt Admiralty functions.
Even the $950 Trillion Dollars worth of “Life Force Value Annuities” that Prince Philip purloined is nothing but Bottomry Bonds by a different name.
Oh, and please note, that the “Agent” for all this is the “Secretary of State”.
Now, some people have asked — “How could you possibly come up with this information that fast? You only released the information about the Admiralty being implicated yesterday! Were you holding back?”
Nothing like that.
I simply knew that there had to be a kickback system involved to get people to go along with this and I knew that when large numbers of people are involved and it has quasi-naval overtones, the proper word for such a rewards system is “bounty”.
So I started by looking up the word “bounty” in various legal dictionaries and compendiums like American Jurisprudence and that then brought up a list of related British and American laws, and then….. I looked at the one that happened to be enacted in 1864, just in time for all their Breach of Trust and Malfeasance here in America.
And there it was. The Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864, improperly and unjustifiably being “brought ashore” on our land and soil, together with their filthy Admiralty Courts disguised as (Military) District Courts.
They have been operating under Letters of Marque and Reprisal against the “Rebels” — strictly defined as armed insurrectionists in the Southern States and Municipal citizens of the United States — ever since, but, of course, they expanded their self-interested mercenary witchhunt to include everyone, Allies and Enemies alike. Any American would do.
And they have prosecuted innocent people for six generations under False Legal Presumptions including the False Presumption of War.
They’ve done the same in the “former” (Ahem!) Commonwealth since the 1980s and the same in Hong Kong since the 1930’s and the same in Occupied Europe and Japan since the 1940’s.
So, now, Campers, what are we going to do about it? Shall we “fully inform” all their Secretaries of State that their services are no longer needed? Shall we apply economic sanctions against the Queen’s Government? Shall we repudiate all their False Claims in Commerce? Their bankruptcies? Their assumed contracts? Their hypothecation of debt against us and our birthright estates?
Shall we hold them —-and the Popes who also sat mum and benefited themselves—- accountable?
What punishment would be appropriate, besides letting the entire world know what venal, greedy, immoral little scumbags they really are?