New Rule

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By Anna Von Reitz

As the Cardinals in Rome  like Rules so much, there’s a New Rule in America: 
Anyone caught creating a problem to provoke a reaction  and then profiting themselves by providing any solution to the problem they created, whether their solution works or not, gets thrown in jail as a Public Nuisance and has to spend a year cleaning Public Toilets. 
Yes, this means that practicing the Hegelian Dialectic will have some actual risks and accountability attached to it for the first time since Hegel enunciated it. 
Please note that anyone caught using the Hegelian Dialectic to create a problem that kills people in hopes of making money by providing a solution — whether their solution works or not — gets hung by the neck or executed by firing squad or has their stupid head lopped off as a Public Menace. 
We are sorry that this New Rule is coming as a surprise to those who never read, “Thou Shall Not Kill.” and to those who read it and didn’t take it seriously. 
Here is an example
The Rats unleash a deadly virus, and millions of innocent people die and millions more are standing in line to receive a vaccine developed by the same people who created and unleashed the virus in the first place, and all because they, the Rats, wanted to make lotsa money off their patented virus and products to fight their own Bugaboo. 
Say what? And the “vaccine” they offer as a solution doesn’t work? 
Please see our New Rule.  Whether the solution they present works or not, they are still accountable.
So Hegelian is as Hegelian does. 
The Law of the West is in full force and effect.