News Flash — It’s Already Over

bullets, shells, bullet shells-2166491.jpg

By Anna von Reitz

Number One— this country has a Treaty with Russia  that Russia has always honored — the American-Russian Alliance of 1858.  We are certainly not going to attack Russia nor allow any subcontractor or would-be subcontractor to attack Russia and use our good names and our people and our equipment to carry out any such acts.  We will be in the United Nations in less time than it takes a dog to bark and we will be bringing all the members of The League of Nations with us, to rip and tear the offending commercial interests, officers, and corporations into micro-fine dust.  
Number Two — for all those truly clueless and uninformed members of the planetary community, Turkey is the Toggle Switch in this situation, and Turkey has already cast its support in this matter to Russia.  The Turks and their million man army don’t want illegal bioweapons facilities proliferating next door any more than the Russians did.  
Number Three — we, the actual American Government, don’t blame Russia or Turkey either one for objecting to illegal bioweapon facilities being proliferated all over the Ukraine by NATO members.  We are so disgusted that the continued participation in NATO is in jeopardy.  We do not condone these lawless, criminal, and dangerous developments of bioweapon facilities in Ukraine.  If this is what NATO considers keeping the peace, we have other names for it, and we observe that except for the meddling and illegal activities of NATO, there would not be a war in Ukraine and the Ukrainian people would not be suffering.  
Number Four — the actual problem in our view is NATO operating as a self-interested commercial entity bent on selling their oil to the European nations even though their oil and gas products are not competitive in the market, due to transportation costs.  They say they don’t want Europe to be dependent on Russia.  No doubt Europe would prefer not to be dependent on foreign oil and gas resources of any kind, too. So why don’t the members of NATO build free energy engines and introduce suppressed technologies that would revolutionize energy markets worldwide, instead of taking these criminal actions and provoking a war?  
Number Five — we have substitute uses for gas and oil besides burning it up and polluting the atmosphere and doing crazy immoral and illegal things like building bioweapon facilities in the Ukraine.  There are plenty of unexplored and unutilized markets for gas and oil and other refined oil products, but these boneheads have no vision and no creativity and no answer to the end of the oil business as they have known it, so this is what they pull.   
Not only has NATO failed to protect the rest of us, they have caused all the pain and suffering in Ukraine and should be charged for the trillions of dollars in damage and the support of all the families who have lost loved ones in both Russia and the Ukraine.  It’s NATO’s fault—-NATO Generals and Admirals have this blood on their hands and greed coupled with the short-sighted reckless idiocy of various politicians is the cause of all of it.  
Bottomline:  A million Turks have weighed in and that shifts the balance of power permanently in favor of the Russians in this matter.  Any conventional war the so-called western powers — NATO — could contemplate, is already decided in the favor of the Russian-Turkish Alliance.  And any “unconventional” war is just more illegal, immoral, and unlawful criminality.  
Further bottomline:  Americans aren’t actually stupid.  We’ve been misinformed, but we are no longer asleep and we are not buying the propaganda and saber rattling of the British Crown anymore.  If we are forced to go to war for the first time since 1814, we guarantee that it will be addressed against those who have been the pernicious problem all along, and not against innocent people like ourselves. 
Finally — Poland? You were used as the trigger for the Second World War.  Have sense enough to wipe your hands.