No More Marcos Frauds

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This morning I got a film across my desk, a very beautiful Hollywood-style video production issued by “TVM” — Mr. 666 himself — claiming to be “the Lion of Judah” and “the King of the World, owner of everything.”. 
This is another “narrative” brought to you by the People Farmers. 
Just look at who is supporting TVM’s False Narrative?  The guilty UN CORP and the even more guilty Committee of 300, the CIA, and MI6 — all the guilty People Farmers that need their clocks cleaned and floss used on their brains. 
The Lion of Judah is the reincarnation of King David according to some sources, and the reincarnation of Jesus according to others.  Either way, I can guarantee you that Tiburcio Villamor Marcos is neither one.  He’s just another PsyOp brought to you by the People Farmers, spinning another “narrative”.  
And I am sick of narratives. 
We have absolute proof that The D’Avila Family Trust is the source of all World Bank and affiliated 333, 555, 777 and 999 Accounts, and we have absolute proof that the Heir and Executor of Severino Sta Romano, the designated Metals Depositor, is owed everything in those accounts and is making discovery to settle the estate.  
There is a logic to the way these accounts are set up and numbered.  Each set of numbers represents another separate class of assets.  “333” is “Land”, and “555” is “Cash” and “777” is “Precious Metals” and “999” is “Corporation Stocks and Bonds”. 
Now, what’s in the 666 account that TVM claims to own?  We are betting that the answer will make you vomit.  We are betting that this is where the Roman Catholic Church stashed all the loot from their illicit selling and trading of “Souls”  using Baptismal Certificates, the final pillar of their claim to own people as chattel, body, mind, and soul.  
If we hear anything more from the World Bank Group or the UN CORP in support of TVM or anyone else claiming to own our souls, we will be happy to drag the Vatican and Church Officials into the arena and force them to admit the lies they’ve told and the outrageous illegal, unlawful, and immoral things they have done, and we will confiscate every penny in the “666” Account as funds procured by fraud and coercive force of threat.  
We also have proof that Mr. Ferdinand Marcos had no personal interest in any of the gold deposits that he oversaw for The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, during his terms as the President of the Philippines, proof that our possession of the land and soil of the Philippines established as part of the settlement of the Spanish-American War is still in full force and effect, preventing Ferdinand Marcos or any other Filipino (including TVM)  from having standing to own gold, and proof that the gold stored in the Philippines has been shipped there from The United States and other parts of the world since 1898 and was NOT present in the Philippines prior to this.  
Just ask yourselves — would the Spanish Government sell the Philippines to us for $20 million in gold, if quadrillions of dollars of gold was stored there?  They’d just give it away as part of the deal?  
This is money and other assets that belong to actual people, not any “King” of any kind.  
I was told today that “Princess Edna” is the “real deal” and that she will “forgive everyone” —- holy,crap.  Quite apart from “Princess Edna” herself as a living woman, who may be a wonderful lady for all I know —- the fact is that the Popes and the “Royals” of all sorts—– including “Princess Edna” if she is a Princess —- are the ones that need forgiveness. 
They are the ones that have stolen from everyone else and set themselves up as “stewards” and “vicars” and “potentates” —- and worked generations of innocent people to death and left them in poverty and ignorance.  
They are the ones who made false claims to own others, body, mind, and soul.  
They are the ones that have lived in luxury and let children starve.  They are the ones that indulged in “human” sacrifice and think that the color of their skins and their “bloodlines” entitle them to make war as a pastime.  
And now, they think that they, the criminals, have the right to continue to control the wealth of the entire world via a puppet, TVM,  because they made an unsubstantiated claim to own the Souls of other people based on a “baptism contract”?  And created a totally immoral and illicit trade in Souls to benefit themselves?  
Do you want to see Grandma grow fangs and sprout wings?  
I don’t want to hear another word about anyone named Marcos, unless it’s the new President of the Philippines coming to settle the ownership of the Philippines with the rightful owners, and coming to settle the whereabouts of our American gold shipments to the Philippines and the whereabouts of the D’Avila Trust assets that were left on deposit with the old Central Bank of the Philippines.  
And you can all take that to the bank. Literally.