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By Anna Von Reitz

Remember what your Grandma has taught you.  There is an America and there is an American Government.   Our American Government was not in Session for a very long time, from 1860 to 1998, and during that time, certain Subcontractors of ours took advantage of us.  One of our three Federal Subcontractors, the American Federal Republic, went out of business and was never “reconstructed”.  The remaining two Federal Subcontractors, one British Territorial Subcontractor and one Holy Roman Empire Subcontractor, got to mind the store —-by default—- in our “absence”.  The American Government is made up of fifty State Governments, and each one functions as a republican  form  of government, meaning that these sovereign state governments are community-based assemblies operating at the local County level and at the State level.  They transact their international business through their unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, and their national business through their unincorporated Union doing business as The United States.  Our States of the Union  were finally summoned into Session in 2015 and now all fifty General Assemblies are in operation.  Our Government is NOT a Democracy. It’s our British Territorial Subcontractor that’s a democracy.  It’s made up of American Tories, and their corporations and their employees always beating that drum and making many people around the world think that the American Government is a democracy— when it isn’t and never was.  In the same way, the Municipal United States Government is a theocracy.  They don’t blat that around, because Americans would jolt awake and dimly remember that in our country there is supposed to be a separation between church and state.  Nonetheless, the Municipal United States is a theocracy and flies it’s own flag.  The British Territorial United States flies a specific proportion of our flag defined as a Title IV Flag, which we let them use when they are exercising our delegated powers.  Our missing American Subcontractor was set up as a Roman-style Republic.  That’s why it was called the Federal Republic.  Each one of our Federal Subcontractors adopted a form of government that was distinctly different than the assembly-based government of the American People.  In theory, this should make them very recognizable, but as we stopped regularly calling our assemblies together it appeared that we had forgotten who we are and that our American Government was “in interregnum” — mysteriously absent and non-responsive.  Left to their own devices, our Federal Subcontractors claimed unauthorized “Emergency Powers” and found ways and means to impersonate us and access our credit by claiming to “represent” us.  Later, both the British Territorial and Roman Papist Municipal Subcontractors incorporated their operations, with the British Territorial Subcontractor operating as a British Crown Corporation, and the Municipal Subcontractor operating as a Municipal Corporation.  Beginning in 1937, these two foreign for-profit corporations began colluding to actively defraud and enslave and dispossess their American Employers, acting in Gross Breach of Trust and in violation of their commercial service contracts and treaties.  Conditions in our country and throughout the world have steadily deteriorated under the influence of these increasingly corrupt and criminally-inclined corporations.   Our courts have been both truncated and commandeered to impersonate people as corporations and to subject us to foreign forms of law intended to address the needs of corporations.   This evil and non-disclosed ruse has led to misapplication of laws and trespasses upon natural jurisdictions.  The courts and bureaucrats have set up this system of personage and the Bar Attorneys have enforced it for profit, by pretending that we, Americans, have knowingly and willingly adopted first British Territorial Citizenship and then also freely and knowingly adopted the slave-like status of the Municipal citizens of the United States.  This has been done to us by our own misguided Public Employees, working under the misdirection of foreign powers.   The rot spreads from the Roman Catholic Church and the Inner City of London, and gets its traction from our ignorance.  While we remain unaware of this situation and how this plague of injustice has been visited on us, we cannot hold those responsible accountable and we can’t fix the problem.  


So we need to look at it, painful as it may be, and never forget what we have learned — and remembered— about ourselves, our country, and our American Government.