Open Letter to David Straight  — Or Astray

child, tower, building blocks-1864718.jpg

By Anna von Reitz

It has been brought forward that you, David, are misinforming people.  Specifically, it has been claimed that you are telling them that President Trump has “restored” the Federal Republic.  
That is not possible. 
The only way the Federal Republic can be restored is by reconstruction, and reconstruction requires action by our American States to create American State-of-State organizations that can then restore the Federal Republic. 
It cannot be done using substituted British Territorial State-of-State organizations, because that will only result in more fraud and more confusion. 
The British and Israeli interests you are working for need to understand that their game is over.  
The Federal Republic was never incorporated, so trying to call a corporation “the Federal Republic” and attempting to slide that by the American People at this late date isn’t going to work. 
Furthermore, we have other axes to grind with your sponsors, most recently, the fake pandemic caused by poisoning half the population of the Earth with snake mRNA. 
The CIA’s fingerprints are all over this one and it is not going to survive the backlash.  
You can all also stop lying about the situation in Ukraine, which NATO caused. 
The NATO Generals and Admirals have all that blood on their hands, and they won’t get away with it no matter what their Mockingbird Media spews out. 
It’s time to straighten out and fly right.  And if you can’t do that, it’s time to go home, because the only victor in this “war” is going to be the truth.