Participating in Your Own Demise — “Commercial Remedies” 

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By Anna von Reitz

Yesterday, I described the process by which the Vermin have “latched upon” us by creating a British Person operating under what appears to be our Lawful Name—-which is purloined and used instead as the name of a Legal Fiction Person. 
The Perpetrators then  insure that British Person against damage by accepting a Performance Bond from the Pope, and leave the Pope to manage the presumed estate of that incompetent British Subject (named after you) for the British Government.  
Broadly speaking, it’s identity theft, pure and simple.  Except for the insurance wrap and the secondary “property management” of the stolen property, it’s no different than what any credit card hacker does.  They impersonate you to gain access to your assets and credit. 
And finally, I described for you how the Pope then uses your name (or rather, the British Person’s name, which they stole from you)  to create a panoply of Municipal Commercial Corporations which are all named after you and meant to impersonate you.  
In the realm of Magick, they have created “poppets” which they use like voodoo dolls to “represent” you.  They have control of these “juristic persons” —- that is, corporations, that they have created in your name. 
As should be apparent by now, neither the British Person nor all these Municipal CORPORATIONS, like ALICE B JOHNSON (a public transmitting utility in Puerto Rico, now bankrupt) belong to you.  None of them, technically, have anything to do with you.  
They have no right to your assets or credit.  When foreign courts misaddress you as one of these foreign entities, technically, it has nothing to do with you.  When push comes to shove, they will try to claim that it is just a case of mistaken identities. A coincidence. 
“Why, however, did millions of British Persons just happen to get named after Yanks?”
Getting them to admit that you are an American Principal and the long-lost actual owner of your own Proper Name, which the Brits and then the Pope commandeered and misused — is the hard part.
They fight that admission tooth and nail, despite the abundant evidence of what they’ve done, because they have committed horrible crimes against you.   They’ve stolen your identity, misrepresented your political status, subjected you, trafficked you into foreign jurisdictions of the law, and stolen you blind.  And they have even had guts enough to charge you for this “service”.  
They’ve impersonated Americans for six generations, and committed endless crimes of barratry against us, while pretending to be our Good Friends and Allies.  
They made so much money off doing this to us, that they expanded their operations worldwide and did it to nearly everyone on Earth, singing “Yankee Doodle Dandy” the whole way, and making sanctimonious speeches about “liberty” and “democracy” and  liberally blaming it on “the Americans”—- that is, the same victims they’ve been porking since 1860.  
Now, it should be completely obvious that we, Americans, don’t actually have access to any commercial remedies at all.  
The British Persons named after us belong to the British Government.  
The Municipal PERSONS named after us belong to the Vatican.  
Even though these things are operated in our names and are used to impersonate us and to commit endless barratry against us, they don’t belong to us.  
The crime against us is that these things exist at all.   
Imagine my dismay when I recently learned that certain leaders in our State Assemblies are holding meetings and teaching our people “Commercial Remedies” a la Winston Shrout, another patriot friend who came to a bad end.  
We have no commercial remedies.  We, living people, don’t operate in commerce.  And we don’t own the Municipal CORPORATIONS named after us. 
These same Gurus are also wrong-headedly teaching our people all sorts of other foreign Territorial Remedies meant for the British Persons —- use of 1099’s of various kinds, Treasury Direct and GMEI accounts, etc.
But all these British Subjects operating as British Territorial U.S. Citizens belong to who?  The Queen.  They aren’t Americans even if they are named after Americans. 
Neither the British Persons operated in our Names nor their remedies have anything to do with us. 
Key to those teaching and misleading people about this is the idea that there’s this “gold birth certificate bond” that Americans can access as a remedy for their damages—but remember that the gold that the Pope puts up is an insurance performance bond issued to the Queen to insure the British Person she operates in our name.  Not us. Again. 
In order to access that Insurance Bond, we would have to adopt the political status of a British Territorial U.S. Citizen — which means acting as a British Subject, a Ward of the State, an Incompetent, and an Indentured Servant.  
That’s not what we join an American State Assembly for.  
If you want to claim British remedies, you need to hike down the street and join a District Assembly instead.  
The American State Assemblies are for Americans, and that is another no-brainer, if you truly know who you are and who you are not.  
An American making claims against a British insurance policy would be viewed as an insurance fraud cheat by both the Pope and the Queen — and prosecuted accordingly, if caught.   
Stay in your own lane, people.  Reclaim what you are owed.  Leave what belongs to others alone. Learn to effectively demonstrate who you are and what your political status is and enforce the Constitutional Guarantees you are owed. 
The remedy for Americans is for us to act as the Employers of these Run Amoks and put things back on track,  put an end to their evil and self-serving lies, fire their judges and shun their attorneys, and bring forward their deceit, bad faith, and criminality for everyone to see on a worldwide basis.   Let everyone know that this is what they have done to their friends, the people who protected them and fought to save their bacon through two World Wars 
All those Filipinos trying to bilk us and claim our gold and our credit can also be seen for what they have done and failed to do, in the face of the thousands of American lives shed in the defense of the Philippines and the billions of dollars spent on making the Philippines safe.
                                                    By:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                                                     The United States of America