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By Anna von Reitz

You’ve probably noticed by now, that the Vermin believe in duality, and they constantly create double (or more) of everything.

There’s The United States of America, our Unincorporated Federation of States and…. then, there’s this foreign entity called “the” United States of America, Incorporated.

All our States are physically defined, populated by living people, operate under our Public and Common Law, are organized as republican State Governments, and fly the Peacetime Flag, not the war flag, because America, in general, has been at peace since 1814.

And then, there is this British Crown Corporation doing business under our name as “the” United States of America, Incorporated; all its State of States organizations are Territorial “States” that exist only on paper as business structures, operate as democracies, function under private corporate law, and fly a war flag that they borrowed from us to use only in connection with their stipulated constitutional duties.

In Australia, it’s exactly the same situation.

You have the country of Australia that possesses the Imperial Crown and is composed of physically defined provinces populated by people, operating under the Public Law of the Kingdom of Australia, and flying the red flag of peace —- red background, not blue.

And then, you’ve got this British Crown Corporation doing business as the Commonwealth of Australia, a foreign doppelganger made up of over fifty separate “nation-state” political units, all of which exist only on paper, operate under private corporate law, function as commonwealth entities, and fly a foreign flag with a blue background under the Saint George’s Crown.

What? Two Crowns? One Imperial Crown. One St. George’s Crown. Two flags. One red, one blue.

Well, you have the Public Government in which all actual powers are vested, and then, you have these run amok public employees operating their own “Commonwealth” for their corporation’s workers and dependents, spreading their net, offering their foreign citizenship to anyone who will accept it, latching onto their victim’s property, and pretending from then on that these people are obligated to serve their “government” — their private governmental services corporation — instead of the government serving the people of Australia.

It has the same cure, too. The people have to wake up, declare their status as Australians standing on the land and soil of their country, and not to be considered “citizens” of any stripe. And then they have to organize their government and bring it into Session as we have, and begin the Push Back.

Here’s a wonderful short video by an Australian explaining the schtick to his own countrymen and demonstrating it with their own country’s history: