Public and International Notice of Claim and Notice of Crimes of Property and Crimes of Enslavement

By Anna von Reitz

Be it known to all to whom these presents come: 
Americans act in two (2) capacities. These are: (1) as men and women; and (2) Lawful Persons. 
The only time that Americans act as Legal Persons or as LEGAL PERSONS is when they voluntarily and knowingly enter upon the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways or knowingly incorporate a Municipal CORPORATION business venture under conditions of full disclosure.   
Americans do not acquire any citizenship obligations at birth and do not make pledges.  Any pledge-making actual or implied is null and void for lack of disclosure and a meeting of the minds. 
Americans may, at their discretion, upon reaching the age of majority, decide to serve in some capacity of citizenship for their own American State Government or may take service with a foreign government Subcontractor of our Government at their discretion. Such contracts must be voluntary, must be knowing, fully disclosed, equitable,free of duress, in kind, and represent a meeting of minds.  
American Public Law prohibits claims of ownership of people based on the injection of foreign patented DNA; it does not matter what the Supreme Court of the United States has decided for the Queen’s Subjects, nor does it matter what the Pope has decided for his Municipal SUBJECTS. 
Americans are owed one Silver Dollar (or Gold equivalent) for every paper dollar issued against their credit since 1913.  
Americans of record are owed immediate and absolute exemption from all claims of indebtedness including mortgage indebtedness. 
Americans are owed Good Faith and Service from all Personnel of all Federal Subcontractors and Principals including the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, and all those CEO’s and CFO;s operating under their command and which have been incorporated or chartered by Agents of the Queen, the Pope, the Lord Mayor, and Others. 
The League of Nations outlawed both slavery and peonage—worldwide —in 1926.  Those Public Laws and  International Accords still stand and are hereby invoked. 
Enslavement or forced peonage of any kind is both illegal and unlawful and has been since 1926—worldwide.  Anyone participating in personage schemes trying to evade the Public Law by impersonating living people as corporations or Genetically Modified Organisms or by any other means seeking an ownership interest in living men and women is a criminal by definition.  
Anyone having been thus fully informed and continuing to allow these crimes or participating by enforcing such schemes is an accomplice subject to immediate detainment.  
Notices served by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                               The United States of America
                                In care of: Box 520994
                                Big Lake, Alaska 99652