Public International Notice — Witness Required

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By Anna von Reitz

Like foxes being inexorably driven to ground, the Mayors of the Inner City of London, representing the Governments of Westminster and Ghent, are seeking to evade our email Notices and communications.  They have thus far changed their email contacts three (3) times in two years seeking to avoid the Truth. 
The Truth is that they have knowingly, willfully, and with malice conducted commercial war against us, the American Government and People, with whom they have several venerable treaties and contracts for services.  This reeks of Bad Faith and worse Performance, which no doubt they wish to conceal so that their other customers and Treaty Partners are not alarmed. 
However, they have done what they have done.  They have acted as Privateers and sailed against the very People they are obligated under contract to protect.  
They have worked a gigantic impersonation and barratry scheme against the people of the entire world, and have unjustly enriched themselves by doing so.  They have used the banks under their influence and the attorneys under their training to promote these crimes, which have in turn, allowed them to mischaracterize and misrepresent millions of innocent people as THINGS — mere corporations that are subject to commercial and statutory law.  
They have wantonly infringed upon the Trademarks of living people to create fictional Legal Persons appearing to operate under the same Trademark and Name.  In doing so, they have impersonated living people and colluded to traffick these fabricated Persons into foreign jurisdictions for purposes of barratry.
These acts and performances are Crimes Against Humanity and are, so far as we are concerned, the Final Straw in a long history of crime associated with these “Gentlemen”. 
As criminals in avoidance of the Public Law of this country and acting in avoidance of their Treaty obligations and  avoidance of their commercial contracts, and as criminals in flight from the International Law, they are not owed any special further Notice regarding their own actions. 
The origin of the current rampage of criminality has its immediate cause rooted in events occuring during the reign of King Henry VIII, amounting to his unlawful and immoral “Enclosure Acts” and the similar errors promoted during the brief and bloody hegemony of Oliver Cromwell, none of which interests us or the rest of the world, except that it provided a recipe for crime against living people that has endured to the present day and which has been repeatedly rebuffed over the course of four centuries and that scheme is summarized thus: 

“1703 – Annuities are motivation for crime:  if a person is considered lost at sea, abandoned, dead, a lunatic, a minor or incompetent (has a Cestui Que Vie Trust) then not only may their property be held in guardianship, but that a contract may be established called an “annuity” whereby a value may be granted to the guardian or custodian by the purchaser of the contract in exchange for some form of ongoing income derived from maximising the value of the estate of the infant, lunatic, lost or “dead” person. The result is the birth of annuities through such acts of parliament as Life Annuities in 1703 .  

See the 28 Million Pounds from Annuities act of 1801 listed in sequence.  Annuities depend on the existence of Cestui Que Vie Trusts.”

We have already announced to the world that Prince Philip received exactly this kind of “annuity payment” in the amount of $950 Trillion USD paid to him by the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA  exactly three days prior to his retirement from Public Office in April of 2017.  This proves that the British Government was involved in an illegal insurance scam and fraud scheme. With the collusion of the Vatican these interests created and operated Cestui Que Vie Trusts against the interests of the living people of Canada and The United States —and received the loot from this crime scheme from a colluding Municipal Corporation operating in Canada, dba OTTAWA.  
We have reason to suspect that these activities were also pursued throughout Australia and New Zealand, other former members of the British Commonwealth, and the occupied nations of Europe. 
The only way they could pull this off was via the collusion and cooperation of the Lord Mayors of the Inner City of London and their government in contravention of our Treaties of Westminster and Treaties of Ghent. 
These Bad Actors deliberately entrapped, mischaracterized, and misrepresented millions of Americans and Canadians as incompetent minors and in the case of Americans, as infant decedants voluntarily waiving their birthright political status and estates as Americans.  
These are centuries-old white collar impersonation and insurance crimes undertaken in Gross Breach of Trust against their Creditors, Allies, Customers, and Treaty Partners.  The only way they got away with it, is with the full knowledge and cooperation and participation of Westminster and the Lord Mayors.  
It has been our long-term observation and objection to the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Court that securitization is illegal, and in respect to securitization of living flesh and labor, is even more strictly prohibited as it results in peonage and enslavement of living people without their knowledge or consent.  
The leading practitioners of these crimes of securitization and “hypothecation” of debt, Goldman-Sachs, have fled this country for China.  Their partners in these crimes, the United States Attorney Generals who have owned and operated Wells Fargo Bank as a securities brokerage with a banking license, are similarly closing up shop and hoping to escape the just retribution for their acts. 
They have been running a private security corporation as “the Department of Justice’ and charging the American people for the service of criminally misrepresenting them and protecting the perpetrators of these insurance scams — all responsible for bilking the Americans and Canadians and unknown numbers of other innocent people worldwide. These and other so-called “Agencies” have never been instrumentalities of our government, have no contract, and no authority related to us.  
They are to be considered pirates, armed, and dangerous. 
These pernicious criminals were given safe harbor in Britain and through their associations with Britain were given safe harbor in New York and access to the King’s Court was arranged through their own State of Delaware which was created and substituted for our American State of Delaware in the confusion immediately after the so-called American Civil War. 
These are all Crimes Against Humanity amounting to human trafficking, genocide on paper, breach of trust, fraud, racketeering, privateering, securitization fraud, impersonation, barratry, armed force extortion, misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, inland piracy, press-ganging, kidnapping, conspiracy against our treaties and constitutions, peonage, enslavement, grand felony theft, treason, misprison of treason, international criminal syndicate collusion, commodity rigging, counterfeiting, money laundering, illegal gambling, insurance fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and commercial fraud. 
No doubt a more complete investigation will yield additional crimes to add to the list.  
The evidence in support of these accusations are self-evidently the “Birth Certificates” which are actually veiled clearinghouse certificates for named CESTUI QUE VIE TRUSTS which stand as evidence of the international crimes committed against unwary Americans and Canadians by British, Dutch, and Canadian commercial interests operating under color of law and conditions of fraud, non-disclosure, and deceit. 
A warning to China is more than merited, as these criminal entities have long-prepared to invade China as their next Host, and they are clearly doing so with the intent to victimize Chinese workers via the same kind of impersonation, barratry, and securitization / insurance scams. The de-camping of Goldman-Sachs to China should be the only proof necessary. 
A genuine international effort to recognize and bring an end to this pernicious crime which has plagued our world and our business environment since the 1600s must be made. 
People are not THINGS and innocence is no excuse for allowing predators to prey upon the innocent.  
                                       By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                                        The United States of America