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By Anna von Reitz

I listened to an hour-long lecture this morning from a man who is an acknowledged expert on the subject of Druids and Druidic Symbolism — and he said some things that I know to be correct, and some things that failed the standard of “full disclosure” by omitting bits and twisting others.   It’s always this way when you deal with Druids, also known as Phonecians, also known as Canaanites.   In the Western World, the Canaanites (yes, the same ones the Hebrews fought in the Bible) were famous as bankers and worshipers of Molloch, the Money God, and also as part of the ancient “Saturnine Brotherhood”.   These same Canaanite bankers took over Carthage and when Carthage fell, they moved on to Rome — but even long before that, they had set up shop in Spain and Portugal and for a time had their own country called Phoenicia.   This is where we get the words “phony” meaning a liar or con man, and the word “phonetics” — a nod to their other stock-in-trade, which involves redefining words to promote confusion and opportunities to take advantage of people.  Like redefining “person” to mean “corporation”. Like redefining “state” to mean “District of Columbia”. Like redefining “vaccine” to mean “gene therapy”. Like redefining “Dog Latin” to mean “American Sign Language”.  Who were they who said, “Let us go down and cause confusion….. ” and created “babble” in the first place?   Should it be shocking that they are still doing this, when it has been their tradition and means of profit for thousands of years?  Even long before the Phoenician government existed, their sea-faring traders had reached the west coast of England, and established bases in Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, where their tree-worshiping, Moloch-sacrificing religion of the Saturnine Brotherhood flourished under the name of Druidism.  It used to be that when you inquired into Druidism, the Roman educational system said it was an ancient and venal religion that was suppressed and not much was known about it.  They had much the same non-answer with respect to the Kingdom of Phoenicia, which was veiled in mystery and secrecy, too.   But in fact, there was no mystery attached to any of this at all.  It was the same religion operating under different names, the same cartel of white-collar bandits the whole time, whether they temporarily called themselves “Sumerians” or “Canaanites” or “Carthiginians” or “Phoenicians” or “Druids” or “Bankers”.  And it was even the same religion secretly sheltered by the Roman Pontiff within the walls of the Roman Catholic Church.  From the ancient MIddle East to today, it has remained the same: Idolatry, money, lies, false narratives, sea-faring, trading, treaties, Law of the Sea, child sacrifices, piracy, slavery, blackmail, worship of trees (environmentalism?) and worship of Moloch (Nimrod) and his lady, Ashtoreth, the sum total of what Jesus called “The Great Abomination”.  And here we are again.  Why would America become the center of operations for this religion?  Because we guarantee freedom of religion, so long as you cause no harm.  There are those of us who consider child sacrifice and human sacrifice in general a very significant harm, and we are unavoidably at odds with the traditional Archdruids or “Archons” of the Saturnine Brotherhood, who seek to control, curtail, and limit everything — including life.  It is from this religion that “The Doctrine of Scarcity” comes. Scarcity is needed to promote the idea that money is necessary and valuable.  That’s why Joe Biden has been instructed to hire 87,000 new IRS Agents.  The politicians have carelessly, recklessly, allowed the printing and counterfeiting and digitalization of money and now, the Archdruids, aka, Archons, — who are also known as “The Lords of the Admiralty” have to set the Inquisition upon the rest of us to claw back that surplus and make money scarce again.  I have already discussed the fact that the IRS we see today is a private collection agency of the Municipal theocracy, that got its start in the early Middle Ages as the Inquisition.  By each April 15th, the members of the Catholic Church had to pay a special “income tax” called “Peter’s Pence” which was to defray the Church’s cost of supporting The Crusades.   Does that sound familiar?  Those of us who see the logical default in “killing for Christ” need to jerk awake and feel our pockets being picked by the Devil, literally.   And we need to realize that the IRS is being weaponized by the Municipal theocracy to pay for its war-mongering in Ukraine.  And also time for everyone to pin the tail on the Pope, because he’s the one calling all these shots, including the Pfizer ones.  As long as money is scarce, it’s seen as precious, so….. they give with one hand and take with the other.  Spend billions promoting war in Ukraine, then unleash the Inquisition of the domestic population to pay for it — and make money scarce, so the slaves will have to work harder.  Otherwise, we might wake up and realize that we are being treated like mice in a maze, having to push the lever to get our little piece of corn, instead of living our lives as men and women who own this entire planet and all its resources, such that nobody anywhere should ever go without anything they need to live.   These Masters of Deceit, these Sons of Old Scratch, keep everyone confused and unable to see the simplest truths set right in front of our noses.  What do you think abortion is, if not a massive “child sacrifice”?