Commonwealth of Australia State Assembly Member

3 thoughts on “Commonwealth of Australia State Assembly Member”

  1. Michael Yaxley

    I am grateful to have followed this path to begin to learn and understand what I need to do to return to my Soverign land Terra Australis to be a free man and bring with me as many loved ones and others to return to our land.
    I am happy to donate if you can send me the bank details.

    1. Hi Michael, Please contact us through the email on the contacts page, and we will happily provide them, its a bit public here. Thank you for you kind offer of support. In Lak’ech Judgie All Rights Reserved

      1. Thank you for showing us the truth and the Way to become sovereign. It means a lot to me as I know it’s the only way to free Humanity from enslavement. My God bless you all 🤗❤️