Repetitious History

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By Anna von Reitz

Hillsdale College sent out a timely reminder — several years ago, about the end of the Roman Republic.  Joe Average is saying WT? Who cares? That was thousands of years ago!  
But the story is the same.  Take note. 
Those of you who remember the facts as stated in all the history books will recall that a Roman General entrusted to act for the Roman Republic, one Julius Caesar, acted in gross Breach of Trust and crossed the Rubicon River.  He led his victorious army back into the center of Rome and thereby killed the Roman Republic.  
Abraham Lincoln issued a phony Declaration that appeared to be a Declaration of War, but wasn’t really —- and did the same.  He killed the Federal Republic by misdirecting the U.S. Army to fire on Fort Sumter, which was ironically enough, built to defend South Carolina against the British Fleet in 1812. 
Via fraud based on Public Ignorance, deliberate non-disclosure, and similar names deceits, Abraham Lincoln and the British-based Bar Associations contrived to rig a white collar takeover— first by rigging an election, and secondly, a British Territorial U.S. Military takeover to follow.  
Both the crossing of the Rubicon and the illegal firing upon Fort Sumter had the same effect: the rise of a military junta occupying the lawful seat of government, the rise of an Empire steeped in blood and deceit, followed by gross corruption and criminality — which is now being discovered and ended. 
The difference in the story, as both acts were illegal, is that the bulk of the American military is loyal and once the facts are exposed, the British perfidy won’t be appreciated or supported.  Correction will come, and not only in America, but throughout the world.  
Abraham Lincoln was a Bar Member and thanks to the Titles of Nobility Amendment passed to the Federal Constitution in 1819, he was not eligible to hold a Public Office in the Federal Republic.  So, finding a loophole, he ran as a British Territorial “United States of America, Incorporated” candidate.  
The people believed that they were participating in a Public Election, and instead, were voting in a private corporation election, instead.  
The same fraud has been promoted ever since. 
As a result of this fraud and the resulting refusal of the delegates of the Southern States of States to participate in it, a little ole thing known as the American Civil War was fought.  It had nothing to do with slavery and everything to do with British fraud though most Americans were told otherwise. 
Having failed twice to win by force of arms, the Brits and their European Allies decided to win by fraud instead. 
Fraud, Breach of Trust, and Violation of Commercial Contract, Conspiracy Against the Constitution, Illegal Commercial Mercenary Warfare, Inland Piracy, 
Kidnapping, Unlawful Conversion, State Terrorism, Military Pillaging and Plundering, Illegal Military Occupation, Identity Theft, Impersonation, Mischaracterization, and More. 
All these are criminal acts. 
And criminal acts are null and void.