Reply to David Straight and Notice to the Generals 6.0

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By Anna von Reitz

The plain fact is that the U.S. Citizens have no land except “Territorial land” in the form of Insular States, which occupy a distinctly different jurisdiction and inferior status — and most importantly, provide a merely custodial interest, and which are not now and have never been sovereign States of the Union.
All this nonsense about a Second Declaration of Independence is merely a ploy by our disloyal and incompetent Employees seeking to obtain a political status forever foreclosed from them while they persist in their attachment to the Queen and the Pope, both.
Ditto any “new” Constitution. A Constitution is a contract which requires at least two separate sovereign Principals — meaning sovereign Countries represented by their Heads of State.
What does Mr. Straight propose? That the British Territorial U.S. Citizens sign a contract with themselves? Or with Israel? Or another go-round as they try to set themselves up in business against the interests of this entire country?
I don’t think so.
Whatever he is selling today, it is certainly not lawful and very likely not legal, either. And it most certainly has nothing to do with these United States versus THOSE United States.
As I have said before — when and if you adopt a “Second” Declaration of Independence, you give up all that you already fought for and won as a result of the Original (and so far as I am concerned, only) Declaration of Independence.
And as I will say now, judging from the level of base ignorance in the General Public concerning their history and identity as Americans, any attempt to draft much less adopt any “Second Constitution” would be disastrous.
There have to be fifty Legalese “man traps” in the first two pages of that document, and people can’t even perceive that when words are read aloud, because the trickery only appears when rendered in black and white.
Not only that, perhaps only 10% of the population is now competent to read the layers of meaning built into these documents.
We don’t need new Constitutions. We need new Employees and Service Providers who will honor and uphold the existing Constitutions. And that is the actual problem that Mr. Straight and his British Friends won’t admit: they acted in Breach of Trust and that is what has caused this entire debacle.
They have lost their contract and are desperate to get a new one at any cost, however, we, their Erstwhile Employers, have been treated very badly indeed, and have no reason to recontract with them, without a complete overhaul and renegotiation.
That process does not require a new Constitution. It requires competent, serious, dedicated and loyal service providers willing and able to uphold the Constitutions.
That overhaul is the responsibility of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It’s their responsibility to clean up their own Mess and present a new management plan and new understanding of the character, duty, and mission of the Combined Armed Forces.


Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America