Setting the Record Straight Concerning Boston Brahmins

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By Anna von Reitz 

Recently, there have been articles and “news” — I hesitate to call it “news” because it has been in front of our faces for over 400 years — talking about the British investment companies that funded colonies here in America and the so-called “Boston Brahmins” who were their representatives and administrators in the New England portion of this endeavor.
These are the Tories’ descendants, but don’t forget, there are others who qualify as Boston Brahmins who have always been their Nemesis. Take a step back—
Investment in the New World was the hottest thing around in the late 1500’s and early 1600’s.
The Spanish were becoming unimaginably wealthy as a result of their exploits in the New World and the desire to invest in and exploit this vast new territory rose to such a fever pitch in many parts of Europe that investment groups had to be paired up with specific locations in the New World.
I don’t have the records in front of me, but, for example, investors in Liverpool and Leeds might be paired up with a specific County in Massachusetts, while investors in Essex and Glastonbury would be paired up with a County in Connecticut.
This is the reality, people. These companies didn’t come here for fun. They came here for exploitation. They came here for profit. They came here hoping to find vast deposits of gold and silver and precious gems and whatever else might be found here.
Some of the people who came here came for religious freedom. Some, like my husband’s family, came for adventure. Most people came here to escape poverty and squalor in Europe, hoping to make a new and better life for themselves and their families — and most of them could not afford to pay the passage and the grubstake needed, so they came as indentured servants or as slaves owned by these same European investment groups.
Bear in mind that in those days, both indentured servitude and slavery could be overcome. After seven (7) years, the “bonds” of indentured servitude were paid off, and the man or woman was set free of the obligations of their servitude. Slavery had no set and certain limit of years, but carried with it the certainty that their “masters” were obligated to pay for their basic support including adequate food, shelter, medical care, and education by law, as long as they lived, or as long as they remained slaves.
That legal obligation to support slaves is what Mr. Lincoln removed with his “Emancipation Proclamation” releasing all the Southern Plantation owners from their obligation to provide these basics. In other words, the ones being released were the Southern Slave Owners, not the slaves. Lincoln hoped to make the living conditions of the slaves so intolerable that they would revolt and join the Northern Army. The Emancipation Proclamation had nothing to do with offering slaves any actual freedom.
That said, it was always possible for the slave to “purchase himself” and his family members, if he was bright and industrious and could shift for himself on the side. Substantial numbers of plantation slaves did exactly that, and became Freemen as a result, often with the help and support of their former Owners, who accompanied them to the Northern Free States to affirm their Freeman status on the Public Records.
My husband’s family arrived in Boston in 1608 and began building a custom’s house, a trading facility and dock, warehouses, stables, roads, quarries, and, most enduringly, Old South Church, which still stands to this day. Over time, they would own many businesses, build numerous schools and establish Princeton University. Some members of the family served as Royal Governors of multiple Colonies, some became famous judges and academics and members of the clergy, some became Admirals and others became famous artists, and yes, you could call them Boston Brahmins.
Those same Boston Brahmins supported America in The War of Independence and granted every American born on our soil the same sovereignty in their own right that they themselves inherited from William the Conqueror. They fought and bled as members of the Continental Army. They loyally supported George Washington’s troops at Valley Forge and paid for and led one of the few supply missions that made it through to that then-remote location.
They may have been and may still be regarded as Boston Brahmins by history and birthright, for they certainly helped to build Boston from the ground up, but they also served this country in its First War and in every war since.
My point is that despite ignorant and misguided assumptions being made by some parties in the Patriot Movement, history shows that while some “Boston Brahmins” were Tories and still are, there are others equally qualified as Boston Brahmins who sacrificed everything including their lives to make the break from Britain possible.
If the Tories among them have worked their wiles and played their games to benefit Britain for the past 160 years, it should not surprise us. They were Tories then and Tories now and what they could not win by force of arms, courage, and moral integrity, they have endeavored to win by guile, deceit, and moral sophistry. They have worked in collusion and calumny with the British Government and the British Crown to those ends.
They were never true Americans and they didn’t simply vanish after the end of The War of Independence. They never stopped yearning for their elitism and their snobbery, their rigid caste system, and their sycophantic, infantile desire to please the British Monarch has never ceased, either.
I think it is pretty clear that the Tories among us have suffered arrested development and so wish to remain dependents all their days, but there were others who also came from Britain who carried a much different stamp and attitude, those like John Adams who had a greater vision of what it means to be a man. My husband’s ancestors stood among them, and fought at White Plains and other places across the frontier of our new country.
So when these men so cavalierly talk about Boston Brahmins have a care.
There were Boston Brahmins on both sides of the issue of independence and there still are.
It’s time to rise up and take back from the British what they purloined via fraud and deceit. We don’t need to fight any second revolution. We simply need to expose them for what they have done and employ the solid rod of international law, instead— and in the case of those who have lived here among us and undermined the Constitutions and betrayed our trust while pretending to be our friends and allies, let them find their peace at last, as the criminals they are.
Let the seeds they have planted return to them in great abundance, and may the spoils they have racked up for themselves be the inheritance of honest men, and may they learn to regret their duplicity and the loss of their own reputation among the nations of the world, and may they be packed up and sent home to England, where they can have their egocentric, evil, and arrogant world all to themselves—- like so many rats in a pen.