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By Anna von Reitz

What happens when you release seventeen rabbits and one pack of dogs?  Why, they scatter in all directions, confusion reigns supreme, nobody knows what is happening.   That’s what we have happening here.  We’ve got rioting in South Africa and crimes in Iraq, war in the Ukraine, and snake venom in our veins, and 5G Microwave weapons installed on every street corner, and so much more.   Who are the Enablers of all this?   The banks and the attorneys and the Guilds/Unions.  And where is their home base on Earth?  The Inner City of London.   Without the banks illegally seizing upon our assets and extending our credit to pay the Guilds and Unions to provide all these “services” none of this would exist.  Without the attorneys to defend the banks, none of this would exist.  And without the non-existent puppet government corporations pretending to “represent” us, none of this would exist.   It would all just dry up and blow away like a traveling show that comes to town, unfolds its props, and then vanishes the next day.   So forget about the seventeen rabbits.  There is only one rabbit that controls all the other bunnies in the park: the Inner City of London, and its current master, The Right Honorable Vincent Keaveny, Post Office Box 270, Guildhall, London, EC2P 2EJ.  Drop him a line.   Observe that the “Liberties and Customs” of the Inner City of London — what guarantees its freedom to exist and practice its venal religion within its own boundaries and promulgate its own “laws” for its own “Commonality and Citizens of the City of London, City of London Corporation” depends on Article 9 of the Magna Carta — the same Magna Carta that they have been trying to tear down and disavow and deny to other men, including the progeny of the kings who wrote it and signed it.  Including all those Union Members and Guild Members, too.  So let’s see….. the leadership of the City of London Corporation has been undermining the Magna Carta and attacking its own Members, including the members of the trade unions and police unions and fraternities, and trying to murder everyone indiscriminately along the way, and all the banks under their command have been investing in this agenda…..which is guaranteed to destroy…..themselves.  When you destroy the very thing that allows you to exist, it’s over.  When Officers of the Law destroy justice, it’s over.  When an organization adopts policy that destroys the lives of its own members, it’s over.  And that is what the City of London Corporation has done.  So has the UN Corporation.   It’s time for everyone including the members of these organizations to recognize that they are being led to their deaths, both physically and economically; and yes, there is a reason for this.  Satan, whom they worship, went insane a long time ago.