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By Judge Anna von Reitz


Last week, Bill Gates, or, as some claim, someone who looks and sounds and walks and talks like Bill Gates, showed up and lobbied for billions of dollars to be spent on Smallpox Vaccines.

Most Americans shook their heads and cocked their ears. Smallpox? There hasn’t been an outbreak of Smallpox for over a hundred years.

Everyone above (about) the age of 60 has been vaccinated for Smallpox.

Of course, that leaves a lot of younger Americans without protection.

We thought. We pondered. We wondered— where in his hell-bent profit-mad mind is “Bill” going with this?

And today, reports surface that samples of Moderna vaccines have been found laced with Smallpox. Real, live, Smallpox. And there are only two places on the planet, one in “the” US, and one in Siberia, that are known to keep live Smallpox depositories. For whatever reasons.

Doesn’t that just warm your cockles and make you want to rush out and have live Smallpox shot into your arm?

Your invitation to either die or be scarred for life, courtesy of whom?

For you, the students of actual United States History, what does this remind you of?

Answer— the way the British U.S. Citizens innoculated blankets with Smallpox and gave the Native American Indians these “gifts”—- and killed millions of people on the Reservations and in the other Internment Camps. Using Smallpox.

Here we go again. Different day, same story. Different vector used to deliver the same infection. Same genocidal result planned and hoped for.

Our American Government was blamed for the British deceit and their cruelty, disguising Smallpox as warm blankets, but as the records show, this shameful genocide wasn’t carried out by the American Government.

Neither was the Internment Camp System euphemistically called “the Reservations”. All that was done by the British Territorial United States Government and carried out by the U.S. Citizens in our midst.

It isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine that their progeny are at it again.

They haven’t shown a lot of creativity or common sense, and tend to go back and replay things they’ve done in the past, so—- it worked once to promote a huge die-off of an unwanted population, why not try it again?

Or, it could be someone targeting them. We know they did it once, so naturally, the suspicion falls on them when it happens again.

Maybe this time, they are innocent.

I personally doubt that, because in fifty years of reading the tea leaves, every dog pile holds a Brit, and sometimes a Frenchman.

It seems a stretch to imagine the Smallpox reserves in Siberia just magically migrated over here and appeared in the Moderna vaccines (that aren’t vaccines in the first place) just in time for Bill, Create-the-Problem, Gates, to start calling for the cure —- that is, more billions into his pockets.

No, my dears, I vote for recognizing the Hegelian Dialectic at work:

First, they create the problem…..
Then, they suggest the solution to the problem they created….
Then, they reap the rewards of providing the solution to the problem they created.

And that works so long as everyone else doesn’t think beyond what’s for dinner.

From my perspective, look around. Who raised the alarm? Bill Gates. Who most likely created the problem? Bill Gates. Especially since it’s something direct from the British Territorial United States Playbook of Filthy Tricks.

And they got away with it on the Indians back in the 1860’s and 70’s. So why not “update” and try it on us now?

They think we are gullible. They think we are stupid. They think we’ve forgotten.

But we haven’t.

About now, I am counting this as another Act of [Mercenary] War against the people of our country, and if I were the Russian Government, holding onto the only other known lab in possession of live Smallpox, I’d be feeling the British “frame job” clamping down around me.

I am not a Happy Camper anyway. But if I were Vladimir Putin looking at this situation, I’d be a Livid Camper, because I’d realize that the Dirty Limey Scum were out there playing their old tricks again and trying to blame me for it.

And Russia isn’t guilty of any genocide against the Americans. They don’t have any motive for that.

It’s the Brits holding the phony baloney Municipal CORPORATIONS and the equally illegal insurance policies replaying the Bottomry Bonds Scandal of 1702…. and it’s the Brits that have promoted the whole modern securitization scheme, too.

So grab hold of your Shinola Sensor, Harry, and batten the hatches. The best thing that could happen for humanity right now is for everyone to wake up and start sniffing the dog piles for themselves.