So, You Want Enforcement?  — A Message to All State Coordinators

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By Anna von Reitz

I had the pleasure last night to have dinner with Paul Pappas, our Chief Continental Marshal, and several other men who either are Marshals or who are working with the Marshal’s program. Their wit, their energy, their commitment and their scholarship were all outstanding and we can all be very proud of these, our American Marshals standing duty on the international land jurisdiction of this country.  
But I also heard some very disturbing reports of ignorance in the ranks, even among State Coordinators and State Assembly Chairmen.  
Reports that our Continental Marshals aren’t welcome when they drop into Assembly meetings in their private capacity as American State Nationals, reports that these men are viewed with fear and suspicion by the totally ignorant among us, reports that some Assemblies have even gone so far as to tell their members that “we don’t want the Federation involved in anything” and teaching their members that the Federation is to be feared. 
The Federation is the International component of your own American — not “Federal” — Government.  Wake up, Dimwits. 
There’s a difference between “Federation” and “Federal” and you had all better be learning that for your own sakes and everyone else’s. 
Imagine my consternation.  Day after bleeding day I get cries for help from every corner of this country, help with all conceivable problems — mortgage foreclosures, child custody, insurance and real estate scams, arrests related to traveling from Point A to Point B — and I listen to all of these people screaming that they want enforcement!  They want enforcement!   
And then they want to be afraid of and evade the men who come forward as their champions?  The men who are there to protect them from foreign overreach?  You don’t want them around? 
Well, I’ve got news for any and all miscreants who can’t read or think.  You are being protected by the Federation and the Federation is NOT what you apparently confuse with the Federal Government. 
You need to back the Federation for all you’ve got.  From now on, and until we are fully funded, every Assembly needs to take up a collection in support of the Federation.  You are supposed to be funding the Federation instead of the Federation bearing the expenses for you.  
As State Coordinators and State Assembly Chairmen you are supposed to know what the Federation is and what the Federation does and also what our Continental Marshals do and the jurisdiction they work in.  You are supposed to know this stuff and if you don’t, you had jolly well better learn! 
And now that we’ve discussed the obvious Brain Dead misunderstanding some individuals are having, mistaking Federation Officers for Federal Officers, let’s get down to some other brass tacks. 
As Americans we are all supposed to be doing our Public Duty.  
Public Duty — those are magic words.  Nobody can oppose us doing our Public Duty.  As Americans, it is our Public Duty to enforce the Constitutions and enforce the Public Law.  
This means that in every State of the Union, we are responsible for telling our Employees when they cross the line with their private foreign codes, rules, regulations, statutes, and ordinances. 
We are individually and collectively responsible for this.  
This is why Assemblies are supposed to elect Sheriffs.  This is why Sheriffs are supposed to talk with the local police who are acting as private Law Enforcement Personnel — sometimes also called “Sheriffs — hired by corporations providing government services.  You need to explain jurisdiction to those folks, and the difference between the Public Law that you are enforcing, and the private corporation “laws” they are enforcing.  This is why education and outreach is so desperately needed. 
It’s because you, at the local and State levels, aren’t doing your Public Duty that we have all these problems.  You don’t have enforcement, because you aren’t doing the enforcement.  
Our Continental Marshals are doing their Public Duty in the international jurisdiction.  They are enforcing international land law, including the Constitutional limitations, and as they do so, they are protecting you.  
Honor them.  Respect them.   Listen to them.  They have all passed exhaustive tests with A ratings.  These are men who can explain things to you and help you.