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By Anna  von Reitz

Sometimes, surrender is a good thing.  Sometimes, it is the only thing that brings healing and health and fresh air.  And peace.   Do you all realize that this country has been at war for all but (now) twenty-four years of its entire 243 year history?  Do you think that’s an accident?  Or do you believe as I do, that elements of the military and war-mongering politicians and industrialists who profit from wars— made it so?   This is why when we fly the American Peacetime Flag people look at it and cock their heads and don’t recognize it.  They say, “What? I didn’t know we had a peacetime flag!  Why doesn’t everyone fly it?”  As Americans, we should.  America has been at peace since 1814.  It’s our paid-for Federal Subcontractors that have been doing all the warring “for” us, without our knowledge or consent.  They’ve been using our young men and women as cheap mercenaries to fight foreign wars for profit.  They’ve been human trafficking everyone and using illegal conscription (the draft) and press-ganging (induction) to fill the ranks.  Yes, they’ve been having a Field Day at our expense, and the Popes and the British Monarchs and the Lord Mayors of London, claiming to be our Trustees and Protectors, have sat mum and profited themselves by this circumstance — used our own money to generate the credit that they use to pay our own employees to act as our Oppressors.  That’s why we call it The Great Fraud. This has been going on for a hundred and sixty-one years, with hardly anyone the wiser. Until now.  I am not sure what all Durham dug up in the course of his investigation — I am sure there was a lot of filth that related to actual crimes related to drugs, money laundering, adrenochrome, etc. and no doubt a large number of capital felonies including treason because it was rife throughout the Democrat and Republican “Party” structures.  That said, they just recently proposed to hang 93 out of 99 sitting “US” Senators for certifying phony election results without addressing the fact that the election itself was phony.  Our military has been complicit in treason against the actual American Government since 1860 if not long before.  The “U.S.Military” has always been partially obligated — especially the U.S. Navy — to serve the Queen on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.  When Grant and Sherman pulled their crap, the military was increasingly influenced by the Brits beyond any constitutional role the Brits had to play under delegated authority. Within a few decades the Brits had taken control of our military and have been using our boys and girls for cheap mercenaries ever since.  This is how you get people like Henry Kissinger and GHWB and Colin Powell being knighted by the Queen.  They are her men even though they are on our payroll.  Our military is being paid by a British Paymaster— SERCO — for heaven’s sake.   We’ve been bureaucratically and illegally taken over by people who are literally employed by us, all misdirected by the Queen, the Lord Mayor, and the Pope.  All this is illegal, unlawful, fraudulent, in Gross Breach of Trust…. So our Military has been misused and abused to dishonorable and venal ends by these monsters and they still don’t appear to understand that they have themselves been operating in treason against the civilian government that they are supposed to obey, but which they in fact usurped and treasonously replaced after the Civil War.  Grant, Sherman, Et alia, saw their chance to “disperse” the Federation of States and claim emergency “powers” that don’t actually exist for themselves.  They promoted the in-house elections of their British Crown Corporation “Presidents” as if they were Public Elections when in fact these corporate elections were private affairs from the get-go.  They also introduced the use of political parties as staging grounds to control election results that they controlled whether a Democrat or a Republican won.  All this manipulation and coercion and stealing of assets and illegal conscription of men via the draft and the pretense of “perpetual war” on our shores was perpetuated in treason by our own dear U.S. Military being misled and duped by treasonous Brit and Pope loving Generals who lined their pockets and increased their power at our expense. They stand in as great a need for amnesty as all the Municipal Government citizens they’ve arrested and purportedly already put to death.  I am not privy to specific cases and charges. Murder of a child is a capital offense and deserves death by hanging under the Public Law and Admiralty Law as well — for example.  But the self-righteous men doing all these trials are sinners, too, who need to clean up their acts where the issue of treason is concerned. They literally need to take our offer of amnesty and return home to serve the lawful civilian government.   They should be helping us to bring forward the first true Public Elections in a hundred and fifty years.  They should own the dishonorable power-mongering part the U.S. Military has played in all of this.  They should turn over the keys to the assets of the bankrupt corporations and their franchises and turn in the illegal “Federal Reserve Notes” for replacement with actual money.  They should surrender to the lawful government, accept amnesty, and come home to America where they belong.  Anna Maria