The 15th of Nisan

By Anna Von Reitz

If you listen to Biblical Scholars endlessly debate, as Christian, Muslim, and Jewish clerics all do, you will learn a lot of bizarre and arcane stuff. I am living proof.

Nisan is the “month of Spring” in the Ancient Hebrew Lunar Calendar, but since it is a Lunar Calendar as opposed to a relatively fixed Solar Calendar, the actual day that is “the 15th of Nisan” wobbles about and is different each year.

Next year, the 15th of Nisan occurs in what we would call the 6th day of April, 2023.
And, I suppose we are supposed to accept this as coincidence?—- all these events supposedly all occurred or start or end on the 15th day of Nisan:

Cain and Abel’s sacrifices
Moses saw a burning bush a year before he led the Exodus
The Feast of Unleavened Bread (Passover Week)
Esther appeared unbidden before King Ahasuerus
The nations are punished for worshiping the Golden Calf (Bull Worship)
Sarah was kidnapped and taken to Pharaoh’s bed
Abraham recovered his property and his nephew, Lot, from Sodom and Gemorra
Abraham met the head of the Egyptian solar priesthood Melchizedek
The Lord made his Covenant with Abraham
Abraham’s son Isaac, sign of the marriage covenant, was born
Isaac is fooled by Jacob into giving his blessing to Jacob, not Esau
Jacob wrestled with the un-named angel at Beth-El
Jacob was given a new name, Is-ra-el.
Jacob and Esau are reconciled as brothers
Isaac and Judah both die on the 15th day of Nisan
The Exodus begins
Daniel is thrown in the lions’ den
The Masada falls to the Romans
And most important for millions of people, Jesus is buried on…. the 15th of Nisan

To make sense of this repeated, statistically unlikely emphasis on this one particular day and its importance, you have to understand Ancient Calendar Magic, including the fact that the spring, and especially “the month of spring” in the Hebrew , is associated with death in the ancient world. The Great Cycle spins in reverse compared to our modern logic.

Even in the West, among the wild peoples like the Picts, Midsummer is about death, the cold and deathly month of December is about life — and it’s not just because the sun makes a resurgence at the Solstice. It’s because to the ancient mind, one is either becoming or declining, just like the moon phases.

The sunlight and the warmth and the growth of everything accelerates from its starting point at the Winter Solstice and at Midsummer, it tilts the other way. So, technically, death begins at Midsummer and the May Queen is the Queen of Death, not Life. Just as anti-intuitive, Life begins in the darkness of winter, thus, everything tilts back toward Life, abruptly, at the start of winter. Okay, it makes sense, but it is the total opposite of what most people assume in the modern day.

So what is the 15th day of Nisan about? It’s the knife-edge moment when death enters the world. Everything up to the 15th of Nisan flows toward life. On the 15th of Nisan and after that date each year in the Lunar Cycle, everything goes the other way, toward death.

The 15th of Nisan is about energy ebbing and flowing, and, it is about time. The 15th of Nisan is a doorway through which new timelines are created, and regardless of when events actually happen, if a new timeline is created, it’s always on “the 15th of Nisan”. And it is always a miracle in some sense.

All the events that occurred on, started with, or ended on the 15th of Nisan are breaks in the former timeline. A new future opened up. God and Man intersected, interacted, and things changed.

On the 15th of Nisan, the ugly, brutal torture stake of a Roman crucifixion was transformed into a conduit of God’s eternal mercy; on the 15th of Nisan, the slavery imposed by a diet of common bread was broken and the freedom symbolized by unleavened bread began.

We are all waiting for another 15th of Nisan which will birth a new world and result in a restored Earth for everyone who stands the test and rebukes the Liars, for rebuke them we must. We have been told about this time for thousands of years and we have no excuse if we haven’t listened.

Ever wonder why we call something that is false, untrue, misleading, or illogical “bullshit”? Why not “rabbitshit”?

It’s because those who engaged in Bull Worship were liars and con men who misled people into doing atrocious things. Elijah put them to their final test. They failed.

We don’t have to relive past history if we remember it.