The Delivery System Delivers “Whatever” 

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By Anna von Reitz

Just so that you all know, I have examined the patents underlying the whole pandemic operation and the development of the vaccines.  I have heard the sworn depositions of eminent scientists with first-hand knowledge.  There can be no doubt what we are dealing with. 
The retrovirus is a delivery system, like a train.  You load it up with different payloads and whatever you load the retrovirus with, is what the recipient gets.  
Another familiar way to think about this is those little clear gelatin capsules that you can buy and fill up with herbs or medicines.  The retrovirus is like that gelatin capsule — whatever you fill it up with, is what you get. 
So, if you load up the viral delivery system with HIV, the victim gets infected with HIV. 
If you load it up with graphene, the victim gets that poison dumped in their bloodstream. 
Want Avian Flu?  Want to suppress your natural Cancer Suppression gene?  How about blood clotting factor disease?  Morgellons, anyone?  Nano-antennas?  Nano-transmitters?  As long as it is small enough to fit in the cargo bay of the retrovirus, it can be delivered directly to your cells. 
You have also heard a lot about “spike proteins”.  To understand that, you need to understand how the mRNA “vaccines” work, and how GMOs work. 
For example, by altering the DNA of corn, they can make the corn plant cells produce insecticides “in house”.  So, the madmen programmed human cells to produce spike proteins, instead of corn cells to produce insecticides. 
Instead of killing bugs and polluting the corn so that we wind up eating insecticides (and can’t just wash them off) they have found a way to force human cells to produce a destructive protein that causes inflammation throughout the body forever afterward.  
So, take your pick among the inflammatory diseases: fibromyalgia, arthritis, ALS, MS, cardio-vascular disease…. or just plain old wear out your immune system trying to get rid of the unnatural protein in your blood, and develop another version of AIDS that is not caused by HIV, but has the same result. 
As you can see, there is potentially no end to the destructive power of this research and the retrovirus delivery systems these morons have developed– and now used–  to make sure that billions of people die and billions more are afflicted with incurable chronic diseases that the “medical” industry will profit from.  
I think it is obvious what needs to be done, and we all need to figure out how best to do it.  If we wait for the military tribunals to be effective it will take 300 years and everyone will be dead.  Some of us who invested in medical stocks will be fabulously wealthy and just as dead.  
Declaring your status as an American and joining your State Assembly is one way to make a good start toward organizing the power of the people and gathering together the skills needed to answer this onslaught.  Go to: