The Fight for the Fragments

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By Anna von Reitz

Stop, will you? Just stop running around like squawking chickens? Stop using anything but plain English? Wake up, smell the java, and look at this list:
David Straight
Russell Gould — “Unity States of America”
Kim Goguen — “Life Force”
National Assembly
Christopher James — More Russell Gould
Reign of the Heavens Society
All these people and organizations are involved in trying to pick up the pieces of the now completely defunct “federal” corporations and trying to one way or another sort out aspects of the debacle now facing actual Federal Employees, both Military and Federal Civil Service — and everyone here but David Straight are trying to form some kind of replacement organization.
But what are they trying to replace?
The defunct Territorial Corporation (National Assembly and Reign of the Heavens).
The defunct Municipal Corporation (Russell Gould, Kim Goguen, Christopher James)
David Straight is just trying to build a bridge for Federal Dual Citizens — either U.S. Citizens or Municipal citizens of the United States — to reclaim their interests as Americans and protect themselves while retaining one of the Federal citizenship designations.
We, the Americans, are doing something totally different.
So far as we are concerned, the foreign Federal Corporations are defunct, and so what?
From our perspective, there is no reason to replace them with more foreign federal corporations at all. All the “powers” ever delegated to them have returned to us by Operation of Law. It’s their own fault.
And now, the only question is — do we hire someone to do the work, or do we do it ourselves?
These other groups are intent on trying to claim that they already have a contract, but they don’t. Not with us. Not with our country. They are just lonely little foreign commercial corporations looking for a job, and not likely to get one at this rate.
They aren’t in competition with The American States Assemblies, if that’s what you (or they) ever thought. We aren’t competing to employ ourselves as foreign operatives.
To the extent that we employ ourselves doing any Public Duty, we are doing it 100% as Americans. No need to adopt any foreign citizenship status. No need to work for the Queen, the Pope, or the Lord Mayor, either.
We can mow our own lawn. We can pay for our own Navy.
No, we are the only people that any Federal citizenry must learn to work for, and in fact, we are the only Principals — that is, the only Employers, in the room. The Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor have all beat a hasty retreat when faced with the facts of their own perfidy.
These above-listed would-be Federal Subcontractors can protest and scream and shout. They can whine. They can lie. They can pout.
It won’t do them any good, because the only powers our Subcontractors ever had came from us, and now that those powers have returned to us, we don’t need foreign Subcontractors at all.
We certainly don’t need to hire any foreign Persons who are mentally confused, ignorant, hostile, deceitful, or incompetent — which pretty much describes the “National Assembly” and its members, certainly describes The Reign of the Heavens Society, and at least the deceitful description applies to the whole Russell J. Gould/Christopher James/PARSE SYNTAX PsyOp.
Just today I got another message written in PARSE and I had to remind the Sender that English is our Official Language. Also had to remind him that the only ones with any right to any physical assets in America including soil, land gold, silver, and turnips are Americans.
So, the smart move, if you were lucky enough to be born on the land and soil of this country, is to speak plain English and claim your birthright as an American and join your State Assembly. Stop casting around wasting time joining would-be replacement Federal Contractor organizations.
I don’t have the final word on it, but chances are we aren’t going to hire any Federal Subcontractor Corporations to replace those that went bankrupt. Chances are that we will simply do all the work and directly administer everything ourselves, appoint our own Paymasters and sail on. There will have to be formal decisions by our Continental Congress and diplomatic negotiations to settle all that, but in the main, we don’t need two sets of bloated foreign Federal Bureaucracy promoting any kind of war on our shores.
The Pope, the Queen, the Lord Mayor and their minions have been served Due Process and Notice and to the extent that they continue to employ Federal Persons, those Persons have to honor our Public Law, which includes our Constitutions. Failure to do so gives us the absolute right to string them up like last year’s Christmas lights.
So give some thought to the simple fact that all these people and organizations listed above are operating as foreign corporations or, in David Straight’s case, operating in a Dual Citizenship capacity that is foreign to us, and so, have nothing to do with the price of beans in China. They are all competing for non-existent authorities and positions that are vacated and probably won’t be refilled.