The Great Fraud in 300 Words or Less

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By Anna von Reitz

We, Americans, suffered a National-level identity theft in 1860.  Just as a modern credit-card hacker steals your identity to access your credit, the Perpetrators of these frauds against humanity did the same thing.  

You, the living man, the American (German, Irishman, Frenchman, Filipino), are not in the picture at all.  
The Brits “seize” upon your Given Name and create a British Person — a Foreign Situs Trust — and they pretend that you are a ward of their Territorial Government and a British Subject.  
They then cut a deal with the Pope and sell this British Foreign Situs Trust that they operate “in your name” into slavery as a Municipal citizen of the United States.  The Pope’s Municipal Government runs under Roman Civil Law, so this newly created Municipal CITIZEN is both a corporation and a slave.  You can murder corporations, tax corporations, do whatever you like to a corporation, so by “impersonating” you as a Municipal CORPORATION they seek to subject you to this ancient evil.  
There are just three problems.   First, it is a capital offense under international law and they are guilty of running a criminal conspiracy against the Constitutions, against the Geneva Conventions, and against the Hague Conventions.   
Second, under Roman Civil Law, they have committed fraud, which vitiates everything it touches and which has no statute of limitation.  
Third, there was never any justification for creating the British Foreign Situs Trust which the Queen sold into slavery in the first place; that was an act of “latching upon” American babies and secretively registering them as British property without anyone’s knowledge or consent.  
That is a capital crime and genocide on paper.  Because the Brits were never permitted ashore in this country, it is also an act of inland piracy, and under the international laws governing piracy, “possession by pirates does not change ownership”.  
This means that all those “seized” American babies are still Americans, owed every jot of the original Federal Constitutions— and the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor are guilty of avoiding their contractual obligations and evading their responsibilities in Breach of Trust.