The Great Retribution

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By Anna Von Reitz

Now that The Great Fraud is known, and The Great Sin is known, now comes The Great Retribution. Forget about The Great Reset. Watch out for what Clif High calls “The Big Ugly”.

My Readers know about the Great Fraud committed against them as babies and ever since, how what appears to be their own government has lied to them and parasitized them almost from the moment of their nativity. Every week more pieces of that puzzle get plunked down into place.

What is the Great Sin? For this, we must know some far distant history, but let’s cut to the chase:

The Great Sin is also known as “the pollution of the blood”.

Pollution of the blood comes about in many ways. For example, if a woman has many lovers, each one of them leaves behind traces of his DNA, and that DNA not only compromises her immune system, but may replicate at random in her offspring.

Bear in mind, we didn’t know this factoid scientifically until the last twenty years, but we have been told this by ancient historical documents and religious taboos for centuries. How did our distant ancestors know this?

The obvious answer is that they had learned about “pollution of the blood” either because they themselves had become scientifically as savvy as we are now, or because some other more advanced society explained it to them.

In any event, they knew. And they warned us, vehemently, not to pollute the blood.

Another form of polluting the blood results from genetic engineering and hybridizing animals that God never created: pig-dogs, donkey-sheep, man-wolves, and so on.

There are many “blended species” of animals carved into the walls of temples and tombs from here to Jakarta, and while the Modern Mind assumes that these are fanciful, mythical beasts— science has bred cyclops, unicorns, and pig-men in our time.

We have been playing “god” with life, and we don’t even understand ourselves, much less the consequences of polluting the blood and artificially combining species.

The Ancients, though, come unglued on the subject. Of all the many, many stupid things and sins of various kinds committed by men, nothing, we are told, comes close to polluting the blood. This is far worse than murder, because while murder kills one man, polluting the blood has the potential to kill all men.

So, what have the Crazy Ones among us done? They’ve polluted the blood of millions of people and made them something “other” than human.

All this time we’ve been assuming that the Messenger RNA that was injected as part of the “vaccines” was human mRNA, but it isn’t. It’s snake mRNA.

So right now, millions of people have hijacked cells in their bodies that are pumping out cobra venom and to that extent, they’ve become snake-people. When the mRNA replicates sufficiently the victims die from nerve poison produced by their own cells.

That’s why all “the Spinners” — those who stop in the middle of buying a bus ticket and spin around and drop and twitch like dying bugs — have all the symptoms of nerve poisoning.

The more common problem, acute eosinophilic pneumonia, causing respiratory failure, is caused by the larvae of parasitic flies; these sheep parasites native to the Mideast burrow into skin and mucous membranes, including the throat, nose, and lungs.

No wonder our doctors couldn’t identify a rare form of pneumonia caused by the larva of a sheep parasite native to the Mideast, but now that we have identified the source, it perfectly explains why Ivermectin is so effective in curing the problem.

Ivermectin kills the larvae of the parasitic botfly in horses.

Remdesivir only kills between 40-50% of the patients. Tellingly, the pharmaceutical companies have already renamed and rebranded it as “Veklury”— just as they renamed and rebranded the dangerous dog medicine “Carprofen” and now call it “Rimadyl” and continue to sell it despite knowing its catastrophic effects.

Anyway, our blood has well and truly been polluted if we took their so-called vaccines and this is: The Great Sin, committed against billions of innocent people worldwide. The damage is permanent, absent intervention using new medical technologies.

And this leads to The Great Retribution.

As I noted some years ago, The Great Tribulation (worldwide payment of “tribute” to Rome) continued unabated until 2016, when the U.S. Military woke up. And now comes The Great Retribution. See the similarity of the words “tribe”, “tribute”, “tribulation” and “retribution”?

The “tribes” refers to the non-Roman clans and peoples who were conquered by Rome and forced to pay taxes, i.e., “tribute” to Rome. The Great Tribulation refers to the counting of the tribute pouring into Rome from throughout the world. The Great Retribution refers to what comes next — the return and redistribution of all the stolen wealth and the vengeance of the world on those responsible for this theft and harm.

You can call it the Jubilee of Jubilees, because there hasn’t been a Jubilee in 800 years. Unfortunately, the joyous release and return of abundance and settlement of old injustices and old debts that this is meant to be, is clouded by the possibility of violence.

“Retribution” means both the return of the money and the vengeance associated with it.

Please, as we go forward, try to focus on the here and now and the good things coming to you and yours. Let the past go and let the Creator reign as the only king, as it was always meant to be.

We have the opportunity now to settle the mistake made thousands of years ago, when the Israelites followed after their Canaanite neighbors and set a man to rule over them.

We can set up kings and kingdoms to rule over us and be subject to all the vanities and failures of men, or….and this is a radical thought, we can accept the Kingdom of God on Earth.