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Will I get a response from the IRS? 

Maybe.  Some people don’t get a response.  Some people do.  Usually the first response is a general acknowledgement that they have received your letter.   

What typically follows after the general response is a Frivolous Return letter.   This is a multi-page FEAR letter talking about fees and fines and penalties.  Pay no attention to the information in the letter.  Instead, look for the Payment Voucher.    After you send the payment coupon along with the cover letter, you will probably not hear from them again.  If by any chance that you do, find the payment coupon, fill it out as instructed below, and send it back.

Frivolous Return Prog., Stop 4450
634. IRS Claims of “Frivolous Return”

This [sending out “frivolous return” responses] is standard practice with the IRS, which is just a private bill collection agency.    

Anything that you send back to them can be considered a “return” in a sense, and it is in that sense that they are using the word.  You have not sent them a “Tax Return” at all and cannot be accused of having done so.  

Your right to revoke your election to pay is tightly bound to your citizenship or lack thereof.  It is also tied to your new found awareness of what a “Withholding Agent” is—- and that is, a Warrant Officer on a Merchant Marine vessel.  

If this was the typical “IRS package”— the cover letter came with a Voucher printed at the bottom.  This little piece of paper is their “Cover Our Butts” token.  If you will note, it appears to be a payment slip—something you would send back with a check, etc., to pay their tax demand.   But look closer!  Look above where your name and address are printed and you will see a very strange thing: your Social Security Number enclosed by asterisks and without dashes like this: *123456789*.   This is the credit side of your account that these yahoos have to access if you properly instruct them to do so.

A Payment Voucher works like a Coupon or other similar instrument that allows you to claim or do something.  In this case, it allows you to claim your exemption from federal taxation.  

If you were paying attention to the instructions given in “How to Change Your Political Status and Why” and in the article (number 607? 609?) titled “Dear Lucretia…..” you will have a good idea of what is going on and you will also have an exact description of the “ACCEPTED FOR VALUE. EXEMPT FROM LEVY.” red ink stamp.  
Red ink is always used to cancel stamps at the post office— why?  Because it is private international land jurisdiction. Not sea jurisdiction.  That’s why you use red ink.  Land is red.  Sea is blue.  

If you followed instructions and “surrendered” the federal PERSON on your Birth Certificate back to the Secretary of the Treasury there can be no further charges against you, and you will have all the information to complete your stamp and apply it to the back of the Voucher the IRS has so obligingly sent you.  

Just write: “For payment and settlement of the ACCOUNT.” like you would on the memo line of a check, apply the red stamp with all the numbers and proper verbiage as described for Lucretia, sign it Last Name, First Middle in Upper and Lower Case, and return it to the same snooty wannabe and say this:
“Contrary to your desires and presumptions, I am claiming my exemption and revoking any election to pay federal income taxes.  Having done so, and having notified the Commissioner(s) of my decision, I am prohibited by law from ever filing again.  

Also contrary to your suppositions, I am the paramount security interest holder in all assets registered and unregistered and held in this NAME and I am not a municipal CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES nor am I a territorial U.S. Citizen.  More importantly, I am not a “Withholding Agent” which is a Warrant Officer aboard a Merchant Marine vessel, volunteer or otherwise.  

Any attempt to coerce me into making any such false admissions or assumptions of debt under penalty of perjury would be suborning a crime and you would be an accomplice to that crime and more, should you continue to suggest that I am not free to relinquish any “voluntary” job or status or to suggest that I am a “Taypayer” or that I have any such obligation or made any “frivolous return” to you, as you implied with your most recent correspondence.  

I have returned and surrendered the federal “PERSON” to the Treasury and have named Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin the Fiduciary responsible. You will need to return the enclosed Voucher to the Treasury for payment/adjustment of the account. That said, I suggest that you put my NAME on a “Do Not Contact” list as technically, any further contact from your office is mail fraud.”

As always, when you receive mail from the IRS, you must reply to forestall any claim that you are “evading” anything.  And as always, send the mail registered mail, return receipt requested (green card), so that you can prove that you did reply.  

You may from time to time hear from them again.  Like all Bill Collectors they go on fishing expeditions and try to wedge in a claim anywhere they can.  Always reply and tell them in no uncertain terms who you are, who they are, and where the b.s. ends. If you have any trouble with them at all, turn them into the Commissioner and/or to IRS CID, and watch the fur fly.

At least, for a change, it won’t be your fur….. 

Frivolous Return Fear Letter from IRS (you may or may not get this)!AlkIwquAy4EZsBw0zSaNLKdUN5jp?e=oJSkTM

Your Response to Frivolous Return Fear Letter from IRS

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If the IRS tries  to contract with you again, it might look something like this:!AlkIwquAy4EZsB-UhKBJzit1KPIb?e=7LQmef

You send letters to IRS Commissioner to 2 different addresses:



They may resend the same document!AlkIwquAy4EZsB-UhKBJzit1KPIb?e=7LQmef

Your second reply to IRS Commissioner to 2 different addresses: