The Kingdom of Lies

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By Anna von Reitz

It’s almost funny.  Almost.  Where else can a monarchy exist for almost a thousand years, where no legitimate monarchy could be?  England, of course.   
I have many times commented on the fact that the Settlement of the Norman Conquest forever guaranteed that no true British Monarchy could ever again raise its head.  
William the Conqueror systematically inventoried every inch of England down to the last goat, surveyed the land out into small fiefdoms and distributed them to his faithful Norman Barons.  
Upon his death, William conferred “sovereignty in their own right” on these Barons in England and they all became “kings” at the same time.   So Britain went from one king to something like 150 kings overnight, and while those kings still owed fealty to William’s heirs in France, they owed nothing at all in England. 
That’s how the former Barons could lawfully and legally impose the Magna Carta on King John.  They were all kings equal to him on British soil.  
Many people have scratched their heads.  This part of British History isn’t taught in England anymore, and hasn’t been since before the First World War.  There is a reason for that. 
The British Overseer for the Pope’s Commonwealth and Church properties in England, King George, didn’t want it known that he wasn’t actually and factually King of anything.  So the whole part about the Settlement of the Norman Conquest and the Magna Carta was quietly dropped from the standard school curriculum. 
This important history has been dropped from all our textbooks here in America, too, but the Magna Carta still exists and shoves the Truth in our faces after nearly a thousand years, and in his Last Will and Testament, Wilhelm II of Prussia did something astonishing.  He passed  the German Sovereignty (which is a separate issue apart from his own abdication as Kaiser) to the German people, with each man being “a sovereign in his own right”.   
Kaiser Wilhelm used the  same words that William the Conqueror used to confer sovereignty on his Barons. 
This is also how William Belcher conferred sovereignty on all the American people born on our soil forever after The War of Independence.   
So, folks, you now have the facts.  There is no “Queen” in England.  All the Brits have been bowing down and paying taxes to a mirage. And the Bar Associations and Guilds and Unions have been the Enforcers of the fraud.