The Law

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By Anna Von Reitz

It is comforting to think, as many people do, that there is something called, “The Law”, and that this lexicon of eternal justice is time-proven and steady, but this is not true.

The Law changes from place to place and time to time and subject matter to subject matter and the “subject” as in “Subject of the Queen” and the “matter” being considered, as in “people, person, place, or Thing, rock, turtle, or star”.

In the Western World the various kinds of law have been given order according to The Kingdoms of Creation and The Law of Kinds established in the first Book of the Bible, Genesis.

There, God the Creator separated heavens and earth, land and sea, man from animal, dog from deer. And each newly created “form”, light and dark, fact and idea, had by Nature it’s own “law”. Icicles melt when it’s warm. The Seasons change. Men dream.

This magnificent “Ordered Whole” was adopted by the early Church as the Supreme Template for all law, and The Ten Commandments was accepted as the Divine Law Among Men.

This is mirrored in the Church’s organization of its own laws into kinds of law pertaining to the church and its officials: ecclesiastical, ecumenical, and canon.

The early organization of law was conceptualized in terms of the Kingdoms of Creation— thus we have the Jurisdictions of the Air, Land, and Sea. Beyond that, it was ordered according to Kind— the law for men is separate from the law for persons (officials) and the law for persons is separate from the law for corporations.

Many people today who have rejected God (but nonetheless come up with descriptions for the concept of God, such as “Source” and “ever-expanding morphogenic information field”) also reject the Church’s organizational scheme for the law. And they don’t much like The Ten Commandments as the foundational law for Mankind, either.

It is what it is, and more than sufficient for all purposes considered in several thousand years, but still, there are those who kick against The Ten Commandments and would rather have The Ten Voluntary Compliance Guidelines.

The part about not bearing false witness is a real stumbling block for the Liars among us, and the prohibition against adultery is difficult for all blackmailers and Libertines.

Nonetheless, The Ten Commandments is the only enumerated code of law governing standards of behavior among people that is accepted by all three major western religions — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. So it is the only “standard of law” that we all have, generally speaking, in common.

That is why the Founding Fathers agreed to adopt The Ten Commandments as the bedrock standard underlying all the law pertaining to people and Lawful Persons. This is also why sculptures of Moses and/or the famous stone tablets once adorned (and in some places still adorn) our courthouses.

At the end of the open hostilities ending the so-called American Civil War, a simple but profound change was made that altered the form of law being practiced by the courts in this country.

The Law of the Land and Soil which is the Law of Living People and Lawful Persons, was secretively removed. The Law of the Sea, both Admiralty and Maritime, was substituted “for” us by our British Territorial Federal Subcontractors.

To make this fly, they had to redefine our Proper Names as the names of British Territorial Officials living here under The Residence Act, or the names of Municipal franchise CORPORATIONS, because neither Admiralty nor Maritime Law can address people as people.

Their excuse and pretension to the rest of the world was that our American Government had mysteriously “disappeared” and was “presumed to be in interregnum” — so, in the meantime, they, our British Territorial Subcontractors were moving in on a temporary, emergency, custodial basis and “representing” us.

Of course, they never breathed a word of this cozy arrangement to the American People.

Of course, they sent bands of armed thugs to the homes of the leaders of the actual American Government, killed them, burned them out, forced them to flee in fear for their lives.

And then they settled in to run our government “for” us.

They substituted their law for our law.

They substituted their judges for our justices.

They substituted their “State of State” organizations for ours.

They seized upon us and our estates as “salvage” and began “hypothecating debt” against our labor and our land and our other assets.

They charged whatever they wanted to charge for all their “services”.

They ignored their obligations under our Federal Constitutions and pretended to have the right and authority to “suspend” the Constitutions in general— which is incorrect.

They claimed to have “Emergency Powers” when they never had authority to do any of this and when no such “emergency powers” exist under any treaty or contractual agreement.

They reorganized their “administrations” as incorporated British Crown and Municipal Corporations and then abused the privilege of bankruptcy protection — administered by their own courts — to dump their accumulated debts off onto their American victims.

By a process of undisclosed registration of babies they unlawfully converted American babies into British Territorial Subjects.

Then they used their control over British Territorial Subjects to make another conversion and create Municipal CORPORATION franchises named after these non-existent British Territorial Persons.

These are, of course, dreadfully unlawful and illegal actions that are recognized international capital crimes, so in order to “legalize” their acts, they had to publish remedy and pretend that all this self-interested fraud was done with our knowledge and agreement.

It was all done in the strictest secrecy and when anyone questioned what was going on and why Americans who received no Federal Income had to pay Federal Income Tax? – they claimed that all of this was “voluntary” on our parts. They had to claim that, because otherwise, it was grossly illegal.

Because they had to publish remedy to legalize all this fraud and malfeasance, they published a single tiny section in Federal Code, 12USC95(a) admitting the existence of our “Reversionary Trust Interest” and then fell silent as to which office. Officer, or process there might be to claim back our purloined American estate.

Meantime, they set up “infant decedent estates” in our names, which they could administer “in our names” however they pleased, and subject them as public trusts and abandoned property.

Of course, publishing a remedy buried as an unexplained one-liner lost in the bulk of Federal Code is proof enough of Bad Faith and lack of Public Notice, but then to fail to tell the victims where to go, who to see, and provide the means to process their claims totally fails to provide access to remedy.

And in the absence of Good Faith remedy the underlying crime remains.

Finally, by studying British Naval Law, we found out that the Officer responsible for returning our estate is the United States Secretary of State and on a local level their affiliated State-of-State Secretaries of State. This is all recorded as the Naval Agency and Distributions Act initially passed by the Parliament in 1864— showing that all that we have described was a premeditated crime against us, taken in violation of our mutual treaties and their constitutional service contracts.

Later, their crime spree against the totally confused American victims of this institutionalized fraud scheme continued as they purloined our gold assets, both public and private, in 1933, and our silver assets in 1971.

The remedy published for the theft of our gold was House Joint Resolution 192, Public Law 73-10, and United States Statute at Large 48 Stat 112.

Again, there was no actual Public Notice beyond the recording of these bits of legislation and not any whisper concerning which office or officer was responsible or any process given by which Americans could exercise their remedies — which amounted to a promise to pay all our debts (presumably with our own purloined gold and silver) or exchange debts via what they called “Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption”— basically a credit swap of what we might owe them against what they already owed to us.

No means or instructions were provided for people to claim either remedy. Those Americans who inquired were rebuffed, derided, and many were thrown in jail for trying to work out their own means to access remedy by such international practices as Acceptance for Value and issuing International Bills of Exchange.

So they published a remedy, provided no reasonable instruction or access to the remedy, and that means that their crime remains unabated.

All their crimes remain unabated.

The Perpetrators are once again trying to bankrupt both their British Crown Corporation and their Municipal CORPORATION — and of course, attempting to throw off their debts on all the bogus British Territorial Subjects they manufactured on paper and named after Americans, and all the Municipal CORPORATION franchises named after us, too.

In view of the foregoing however, we find that they are owed no such protection and demand that all ownership and interest in all these corporations and in all our purloined assets be returned to us unharmed.

Faced with this imminent “disaster” from their standpoint, they have then plotted to kill and maim their creditors and at the same time drum up revenue for themselves via illegal and undeclared biological warfare.

They deployed their “Uniformed Officers”— doctors and nurses licensed and conscripted under Federal Title XXXVII as members of an Undeclared Military Force and used then to implement their genocide, just as they used these same “officers” to register our babies.

This time, the commercial aims included claiming that those who received the genetic modification disguised as a vaccine would be redefined as Genetically Modified Organisms, literally owned under Patent by the Criminal Perpetrators of this Unlawful and Illegal Conversion Scheme.

Just as they unlawfully seized upon our Proper Names and unlawfully converted “us” into British Territorial Persons owned as Subjects of the Queen and converted these Persons into Municipal CORPORATIONS named after us, too, now they have tried to convert us into something less-than-human, to technically evade the Human Rights Declarations just as they used the earlier conversions to evade their treaty and constitutional contracts,

We have proof that the “governmental services corporations” — both the British Crown Corporation and the Municipal United States INC., colluded with the pharmaceutical corporations in a kickback agreement by which our purported custodians bought billions of dollars-worth of these genetic modification injections misrepresented as traditional vaccines as Secret Partners with Big Pharma.

They bought these “vaccines” with our credit, coerced our entire population to get vaccinated under completely false pretenses, and they knew that millions of people would die and millions more would be maimed for life, left sterilized, with damaged hearts and damaged brains, compromised immune systems, blood clotting factor disease, and organ failures of various kinds.

They didn’t care. To them, all those dying were creditors unable to collect on pensions and services owed to them, while the maimed and injured would provide a steady demand for all their medical devices and services and drugs for many years to come.

There can be no doubt that these minions and officers of these corporations and the Principals responsible for their operations have operated as an international crime syndicate for more than a century and a half.

There can be no doubt that they committed genocide on paper against us and when that began to be discovered and unraveled, they unleashed another vicious, illegal, commercial mercenary genocide against our living populace.

There can be no doubt whatsoever that these are capital felonies of the worst kind, and they should be treated as crimes devoid of any political content.

The institutions and corporations involved must be shut down immediately and their Boards of Directors and Management arrested.

The World Bank and WHO, the UN CORPORATION, the CDC, the NIH, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNBC and other media conglomerates are immediately subject to seizure and complete reorganization as a result of their complicity in this, as well as the Pharmaceutical Corporations and Patent Holders and Scientists who conspired to do this heinous crime, and of course the hospitals, hospital administrators, doctors, and nurses who knowingly participated in this crime and profited from it.

Those who knew and did nothing are just as guilty as those who knowingly injected people with a gene modification injection while misrepresenting it as a traditional vaccination and all those who trespassed against the rights of the victims by issuing health mandates, closed businesses, and coerced participation in this literal genocide.

This will require a global effort and great determination.

As the numbers of the dead and dying becomes more evident with every passing month, strengthen your resolve and know that all these corporations and many of the people working for them must go.

It is our Public Duty ti make sure that they are held accountable. To those who honestly didn’t know, our mercy. To those who profited or sought to profit by genocide, our justice.

We are pleased to report that exactly such a global effort is well underway and that we can all ultimately expect a profound improvement in living conditions as a result.

All these terrible things have been done in the name of profiteering and lust after money and coercive control— mostly by people who owed us Good Faith and Service, and who did all this while taking their salaries and pensions from our pockets.

Everyone who has lived through this period of history, especially the doctors and attorneys, and members of the military brass and law enforcement, everyone who has been affected and everyone who has been afflicted by this needs now to stop and pause.

We know who is responsible. They left their names at the Patent Offices, on Mandates, on the Airwaves, and posted as “the Management” and “the Community” and as “Fact Checkers” and “Professional Associations”.

More than a trillion dollars was spent on advertising this atrocity.

Billions of dollars were dropped like helicopter money into the pockets of the guilty — institutions and individuals alike. We have that trail, too.

It’s time.

It’s time for Americans to wake up from this nightmare and come home. Go to; www,

The contact information for other countries and their assemblies are posted there, too.

church window, 10 commandments, moses-795133.jpg