The Money Spell — Chapter Four — Old Gold Revisited

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By Anna von Reitz

In response to those, especially those, whose sense of self and security is bound up with the purported scarcity and eternal value of gold —
We now have LIDAR and many sophisticated forms of tomography that reveal exactly where gold deposits, both already mined gold and gold in situ, are located.
We can also locate quartz deposits.
We can do the volume extraction mathematics associated with known and previously unknown mining operations.
This is how we know for a fact that the Ancient Miners extracted quartz and removed it, leaving gold and silver and platinum behind.
Recently, the argument has been advanced that this planet is the “Treasury of the Universe” and that’s why we have all this gold, silver, and platinum stockpiled all over the planet. It wasn’t just a bunch of greedy, manipulative, self-interested men hoarding up gold and silver….
If you believe that, I’ve got some Florida Real Estate for you — but the “given narrative” no longer matters. You can believe that aliens brought all their gold and silver from other planets and stockpiled it here, or you can believe what the hard evidence suggests.
Either way, The Problem isn’t a matter of arguing over whether this commodity or that commodity is valuable. Or even which narrative makes more sense.
The Problem is the delusion that one commodity of “Supreme Value” actually “stands for” all other commodities and that it “stores value”.
Once we face the fact that gold, silver, and platinum are not magical, and not supremely important, and not existentially rare, we can move away from the blind religious belief in their importance and away from the brain-dead idolatry of money in any form.
Just as nobody “representing” God is God, no commodity representing other commodities is any other commodity.
It does not matter whether we are valuing gold or paper or plastic or some other widget made of some other material, or even if we are mindlessly valuing arbitrary digits written on a ledger. It’s the act of valuing things that matters.
As we saw in the previous chapter, it was actually wheat that gave value to gold. And where did wheat get its value? From our hunger and our fondness for bread.
Whatever we value, becomes valuable. We literally give things their value, and we assign values according to our needs and our desires — yet we don’t examine this process of valuation or question the results.
Every single time we use a physical object to represent something that is unseen, we are engaged in a form of idolatry.
A crucifix to represent the suffering of Yeshuah.
A wedding ring to represent the love of a man and woman.
A gold coin to represent the value of groceries.
Once we free ourselves of idolatry, we can set ourselves free of The Money Spell — and free of the obnoxious institutions and individuals using this delusion to enslave us and our beloved planet.
Long ago, the Kingdom of Sumeria (Shinar in the Bible) concerned itself with issues of justice, especially justice for individual people, because Sumerians valued justice; later, the Kingdom of Babylon concerned itself with endlessly proliferating codes and rules, because Babylonians valued revenue and coercive power.
How well you live literally depends on what you value.