The More I Think of It, The Madder I Get

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By Anna von Reitz

The Union Generals are responsible for all of this.  All of it, since 1863.  And they still won’t own up and do what is right by their own people and their own country.  They persist in their obstinate dereliction of duty, their breach of trust.  
They think that all they have to do is come up with a story, a “narrative” — put on a big “movie” — and we are all stupid enough to fall for it.  Well, are we that dumb?  Really? 
Look at what they are trying to sell right now. Oh, yeah, a brave new world, in which the British Territorial States-of-States take over our Federal Republic, and we, Americans, stand by like Dumb Clucks and allow it. 
They’d gain the right to print our money — which they’ve been doing anyway, but not legally.   That’s all that they are after.  An excuse to issue money “for” us and run us into the ground with their debts again.  
And who is Clyde J. Cleveland but another relative of Grover Cleveland, part and parcel of the real problem and reason that this country is in the mess that it is in? Gubernatorial Candidate for Iowa — and not an American.   
Well, who needs a British Governor, anyway?  Stop “voluntarily” giving your  power away to the scum and flotsam!  
They say I am hard to work with —- because I am an American and not a Tory. 
I won’t choke down their British manure pie and pretend it’s strawberry.  
The British usurpers snuck in the back door in the wake of the Civil War and replaced our American States-of-State organizations with their own.  They did it under color of law and conditions of fraud using similar name deceits.  They’ve been bleeding us dry ever since. 
Here’s the real truth, folks, and you can look it up for yourselves — the British Navy fronted an Armada to lay siege to our ports and take over our country in 1865—and the only thing that stopped the Rotters was the Russian Fleet that took up position between us and them.  
The Russian Navy.  Underline the word “Russian”.  Take a real good look. 
The Russians  honored the American-Russian Alliance of 1858 and they have come to our aid every time we have asked for their help in all the years since, yet these foul, evil, conniving, corrupt, self-seeking LIARS contrive to wheedle public opinion against the Russians and pretend to be our friends.  
All they’ve done for us is destroy and murder and maim and lead us astray into paths of war and darkness, poverty, meaness, and despair.  They have bled us dry as leeches can, and when we caught them, all they could do was another song and dance. 
Our Federal Republic is not vacant.  It’s ours.  It belongs to Americans. It does not belong to British Territorial U.S. Citizens.  So long as David Straight wants to work for the Brits and the Zionists, that’s his choice.  Maybe he’ll be the next “American” that the Queen grants a knighthood to. 
Like Abraham Lincoln and GHWB, and Colin Powell, and Norman Schwarzkopf and Henry Kissinger— why not?  There is a long, long tradition by now of “Americans” selling out America and reaping large rewards for it from the British. 
And if it sounds like I am accusing David and all these other “great men” of treason, treason against America, then maybe you ought to listen very, very closely.  The British Tories never left here.  They stayed and they flourished and they schemed to get back in power—- and they did, too, but not by any legitimate or honest means.
It’s up to the rest of us to recognize them for who and what they are when they come to us and try to convince us that we should sign a paper claiming that we are “natural persons” — that is, corpses.