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By Anna von Reitz

Follow the logic:   Lincoln put the Military in charge of the money, but Lincoln never had authority to do that because he wasn’t an American President.  He was a British Territorial “President”.  So everything he did was tainted by that fundamental fraud.   The entire American Civil War was conducted under conditions of fraud and deceit.  It wasn’t even a war.  It was a mercenary conflict.  There’s no Declaration of War from Congress.  There was no Peace Treaty officially ending it until 2021.   Lincoln had no authority to adopt the Lieber Code.  He had no authority to set aside the Constitution or any other law in favor of the Lieber Code.  He had no authority to start issuing Executive Orders and he had no Emergency Powers, either.  His Successors have been just as wrong-headed and their actions have been just as fraudulent and illegal, too.   The entire basis authorizing the military to act outside its appointed role is flawed and the Constitution governing the Territorial Government was never “set aside”.  An action undertaken without authority and  under conditions of fraud is null and void.  That’s for starters, but you will also notice that with that plank in place, there isn’t a word in any Constitution granting the Federal Government any control over land or people on the land.   That’s because the Federal Subcontractors had no duties related to the land and people, except for the The Northwest Ordinance, which allows the Territorial United States Government to hold new Territories in a custodial capacity until they qualify to become States of the Union.   And in the Territorial Constitution, the States may set aside land for the Territorial Government’s use for needful things like arsenals, required for the defense of our country.   There is no valid basis, legal or otherwise, for our hired military to occupy our country, control our money, or anything else promoted by the Lieber Code.  The Plan to give our land back to Native Americans is obviously illegal, as it is our land and our employees have no role in distributing our property “for” us, but there are other objections.  Sovereignty is tied to land.  You cannot be a sovereign nation without it.   So, the Plan is offering to give away our national sovereignty to the Indians.  Yes, Natives are sovereign now  — in the same sense that all other Americans born on the land and soil of this country are sovereign, but if our sovereignty goes, so does theirs.  Otherwise, Natives are members of Tribes and Tribes are obligated to pay Tribute to Rome.  They are slaves of the Pope.   So what the Plan is setting up is the Status Quo with Perks, basically the same old story, different day.  According to the Plan, the military retains control of all the money — not only in America, but worldwide in all the other illegally occupied countries.  How is that any different?   According to the Plan, our national sovereignty will be undermined and the Natives will be able to act as Tax Collectors for the Pope.  The Natives will have their hands in our pockets and the Pope will have his hands in their pockets.   How is that any change?   What needs to happen is for our States of the Union to be recognized as the trustworthy custodians of our respective national land assets, and for Public Elections — not corporate shareholder elections — to take place for the first time in 160 years.   What needs to happen is for the military to do its duty to protect this country from invasion (which is happening at our Southern Border) and treasonous Vermin (which is happening in Washington, DC) and otherwise assist in returning the respective national governments of our States to full function.  The Plan to return funds that are owed to  veterans and their families is fine by us, but the rest of the money needs to be returned to the civilian government of the States of the Union and there needs to be a separate new civilian banking system, too.   We have such a new civilian banking system ready to go.  The military simply needs to observe its actual limitations and get out of the way of their Employers, who are attending to their own business.   We wish for the return of all our public and private assets which have been commandeered and socked away in various kinds of trusts without our knowledge or permission.  We wish for the return of our land assets to the control of our States of the Union.   We wish for the return of our purloined gold and silver assets and a share of the pre-paid credit assets generated from them.   We wish for peace and an end to improper Legal Presumptions being misapplied to our people by our subcontractors and an end to illegal occupation of our country by our own military forces.  We wish for our military to address the threats that various foreign corporations pose to our health and welfare, including Bayer, Monsanto, Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca, and Johnson and Johnson, BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard, Goldman-Sachs, the Depository Trust Corporation, JPMorganChase, et alia.  We wish for our military to address and end continuing Weather Warfare and illegal testing of frequency-based scalar weapons on members of the military and the American Public.  We wish for our military to address the illegal spraying of metallic salts and industrial wastes on our land and our population and the pollution of our water supplies with similar industrial waste products including Fluoride and Chlorine, and the pollution of our food sources with noxious chemicals and misapplied genetic engineering.   We wish for our military to wake up and put an end to the politicians and alphabet soup agencies which our government has not authorized, and which have been carrying out “war” against their employers and benefactors.   We all desperately need to get this country back on track.  That is not going to happen by mindlessly ignoring clear and present dangers and continued predatory action against your Employers.                                              By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary                                            The United States of America