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By Anna von Reitz

No doubt, if you have been hanging around long enough, you have heard of Kim Goguen and her claim to be the inheritor of the known world — and also the organization that she and her supporters have fronted as “Life Force International”.  Though, so far as I know, Kim has not published her relationship with the CIA, I have photos that show her with a core group of Operation Officers based in North Carolina — other people who initially approached me to try to involve me in some kind of Sting that would have given the CIA access to large amounts of money through physical asset “off ledger” accounts.  It was a complex, multi-layered con game and even I fell for it, to an extent, at first; but not to the degree and in the way that would ultimately allow their plan to succeed.  In the course of that contact, I learned various things — like the fact that Kim Goguen has been set up to act “as” an heir to the Romanovs.  This claim, like many others she has made, isn’t true.  It’s just more fluff and nonsense from The Liars Club Internationale, aimed at laying claim to physical assets for their Unjust Enrichment.  The past several weeks of investigation have disclosed why anyone would want to claim that they were heirs of the ill-fated Romanov Dynasty —those engaged in making such claims have been assuming that gold left on deposit with the Bank of England by Tsar Nicholas belonged to the Romanov family, and they are busily trying to cobble together False Claims based on purported familial relationship to the martyred Royal Family, so they can justify a claim on ten billion metric tons of gold otherwise presumed to be “abandoned”.  These guys are great at making presumptions that benefit them and also handy at making claims on abandonment—-usually when assets are not in fact abandoned, and when the actual heirs simply haven’t been given full disclosure.  Unfortunately for Kim and the CIA Black Ops she is implicated in, there are records and there are receipts and memos adequately demonstrating that the gold Tsar Nicholas left on deposit with the Bank of England is a combined stash of gold reserves actually belonging in part to the Russian government and in part to the still-existent Prussian government.   As a sidebar, it turns out that technically, Kaiser Wilhelm II couldn’t abdicate the Office of the King of Prussia, because he had already abdicated it.  Thus, the Crown Prince was the King of Prussia already and his administration was not invalidated by his Father’s second and permanent abdication of the Office.  Thus, none of that gold is “abandoned”.  Not a gram of it.  The Russian government under Vladimir Putin still exists.  The Prussian government under Georg Friedrich von Hohenzollern still exists.  They simply didn’t know about the gold and in the case of Prussia, they didn’t know that their battered Kingdom stumbled through by the Hand of God, and their gold reserves were preserved by the ill-fated Tsar Nicholas in what would appear to be the least-likely bank on Earth.  Getting back to Kim and her bizarre Ooky-Spooky claims, she is a CIA Player with a criminal record for fraud, no matter what Ben Fullford says and no matter why he would give her a bully pulpit to spread more manure.  I understand that there are many groups and many interests that quail and quake at the thought of Prussia coming back on the world stage, and others who react similarly to the prospect of Russia being further empowered by receiving their inheritance from the Tsar.  I don’t fear these outcomes and I want to explain why I don’t fear these outcomes to the American People.  The actual American Government has a Treaty with the Russian Government which the Russians have always honored.  While the Pack of Liars infesting the U.S. Government would have you believe in “the Russian Threat” and “the Chinese Threat” — the fact is that the Russians have repeatedly saved our ungrateful bacon and waited for us to wake up and smell the java.   The further truth is that in over 5,000 years of recorded history, the Chinese have proven to be in-the-main far more interested in making love and products to sell their neighbors, than in making war.  The only time the Chinese are a threat to our world is when they have been: (1) misinformed; (2) commandeered by foreign interests seeking to employ them as mercenaries; (3) or when they have been forced to be aggressive out of sheer desperation.  The real threat to peace is vested in the hypocrites in Washington, DC, who have pretended to represent us, while lying to, misinforming, and racketeering against us.  So if you are going to be afraid of anything, or fear any Evil Empire, don’t look at Russia.  Don’t look at China.  Look in your own backyard and see what is lurking there under its own foreign flag.  Don’t believe it?  Look up the flag of the Municipality of Washington, DC — purportedly an independent international city-state, though it has no permission from us to act as such on our shores, and it’s actual Special Use perpetual lease with Maryland and Virginia is voided because of it.  Those who fear empowering Russia and Prussia by simply returning their own assets to them need their heads and sense of justice examined.  The gold on deposit with the Bank of England is an inheritance owed to the people of Russia and the people of Prussia — not Kim Goguen, not Ben Fullford, not the CIA, not Joe Biden, not you, not me.  It’s theirs.  How would you feel if you were the heir of a beautiful estate and all the money you needed to take care of it, and someone cheated you out of it, for no better reason than that they were afraid of what you were going to do with your money?  Who made them the arbiter of what you do with your money, right?  Maybe Westminster and the United States are afraid because of their own guilt, the lies they have told, the crimes they have committed.  Maybe they think that if the Russians and the Prussians are “allowed” to have control of their own inheritance, it will be payback time.  God knows, with all the lies they have told and all the crimes they have committed, including crimes against their own people, the cretins of Westminster and “the” US deserve payback.  They know it, too.   But there is a radically different pathway open for all of us, one of truth, fairness, mutual respect, and trust.  We don’t have to let the past dictate the future.  We don’t have to be driven like cattle by lies spewed from mouthpieces like Kim Goguen. We can do the right thing, the same thing that we would all want, if it were us and our inheritance as a nation was sitting in the Bank of England vaults “appearing to be” unclaimed.  It’s their gold.  Give it back to the Prussian government that survived.  Give it back to the Russian government of today.  Let everybody know that we, the actual Americans have been at peace since 1814, and we prefer it to be that way.  We all have more than enough resources of all kinds to make the Earth bloom again and make the biome healthy again and make it safe for our children again.   Let it be so.