There’s Still Just One Answer

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By Judge Anna

Ever had a rash that just won’t go away?

That’s me and the National Liberty Alliance (NLA).
They haven’t gotten anything straight in thirty years of trying, but bless their hearts, they keep on banging their heads against the wall just the same.
And every year. a new crop of disgruntled Americans is victimized by the foreign court system, and they go looking for answers.
If they don’t get instant gratification (and most don’t) they move on from one “patriot guru camp” to another, in search of “the” answer.
Well, the problem is, folks, we’ve known the answer for at least a decade, and the answer is still the same and it still involves a lot of work.
And it isn’t work that you can pay someone else to do for you. You have to do it yourselves.
The work of self-governance requires you to declare your political status and record it and then join and build your State Assembly.
And once you have your State Assembly, you have to build your Jural Assembly as part of the State Assembly.
And once you have your Jural Assembly you have to set up your Jury Pool and elect your Justices and Court Recorders and Sheriffs and Coroners….. and organize your Grand Jury, your Trial Jury, and hire a Public Defender…..
And then, finally, you can invoke Ex Parte Milligan and tell the foreign courts to stop misaddressing your people, because you have your own courts up and operating to serve them.
Every day I get complaints and horrible, heart-breaking stories from people who have spent thousands, if not millions of dollars, or worse, spent years of their lives in jails, because they have been victimized by these foreign carpet-bagger courts.
And while they desperately search for an answer to their own particular dilemma, the answer is still staring us all in the face, just as it has looked us in the face every year since 1866.
Set up and properly quality your State Assembly, organize your Jural Assembly which is part of your State Assembly, set up your own courts —- and invoke our “one supreme court” — which is and always was a twelve man jury with full powers of jury nullification.
You have the right to do it. You have the court precedent set. And still, people mess around trying to do anything and everything but what has to be done — as outlined above.
It’s a tough answer, but it’s still the only one.