This Is Crime, Not Politics

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By Anna von Reitz

Throughout history mankind has had a hard time discerning the Truth; this is in fact the root cause of our dilemma, and this central dilemma is only exacerbated by our attempts to substitute men for God. 
What we are witnessing now are crimes on a vast scale committed against the whole of humanity, a sort of undeclared illegal commercial “war” set in motion by a handful of madmen at the very pinnacle of world corruption.  
They are angry because their unilateral power is being shaken to its roots.  They think that they created the world and that it is theirs to destroy.  
Their banks are being forced to comply with regulations that expose their evil-doing.  
Their propaganda organs, the media outlets, are losing their power over the masses as more and more people wake up. 
They are being forced to “self-invest” to prop up Wall Street — a process by which the banks give out money to corporations to buy back their own shares, and thereby create the appearance of value. 
Their casinos aren’t doing so well, either.  The drug trade has slipped.  Their access to young children is being cut off.  People are kicking cigarettes. 
Worst of all, some people had the means and the gumption to accept all their debt, buy out their illegal currency, and so, nationalized all their corporations, all their trusteeships, all their patents, and all their titles, so that instead of off-loading their debts on the innocent, they are caught in their own rat trap. 
They never expected us to wake up.  They never calculated the chances that we would accept their debt —- nor, for that matter, did they foresee that we would also accept their corporations and own them, own their patents, own their titles, own their licenses, own their entire apparatus outright. 
They’ve been beaten at their own game, and all that they can do is unleash nasty little murder schemes against innocent people— like polluting the human genome with snake mRNA.  
Who worshipped snakes?  The Greeks.  Who practiced sodomy between grown men and young boys as a cultural institution?  The Greeks.   Who used drugs to induce hallucinatory trance states?  The Greeks.  Who practiced child sacrifice? The Greeks. What are all the college fraternities and sororities attached to? The Greeks. Say it again: Aristotle Onassis.  Who undermined Troy with false gifts?  The Greeks.  
Who has attempted to undermine you, using false gifts of “citizenship”?  The Romans — but they learned everything they know from the Greeks. 
Who skewed the last Presidential election? Italian Defense Contractors working in concert with what?  Canadian MI6 computer gurus and Chinese webmasters. 
And they are all working for?  The Greeks. 
The pattern is always the same once you see it. 
Who was Prince Philip?  He was a Greek, and he was the only actual Royal in Buckingham Palace, and while we are at it, what does “Buckingham” mean?  It means rompy pompy with little boys and animals: bucking the ham.   
Where does the New Testament go violently astray?  In the Greek translation. 
Do not mistake what we are up against.  The god of the Ancient Greeks is a snake– and it is the same snake found in the Garden of Eden.  The Father of All Lies.  
And where do we find the stronghold of the Devil they worship?  Cast down into the sea — operating the international jurisdiction of the sea, dictating the Law of the Sea, which is nothing but a farce of oxymorons, lies, and obscenities. Did you not hear that Black’s Law Dictionary is a spoof?  And that apprentice attorneys in Scotland are still called “devils” to this day? 
Exactly where on Earth do you find the Lords of the Admiralty? Britain.  What nation has been plagued with endless guile and deception?  Britain. But what nation preceded Britain and still holds the cards to this day?  Greece. 
How did the Nazis escape?  Through Greece.  How did they hide their ill-gotten gains?  In Greek-owned Swiss banks.  Where do these devils retire? The Greek Isles. 
What we are dealing with is a Greco-Roman Mafia that is over two thousand years old.  And as mind-boggling as that may be for people to face, it is nonetheless the truth which we must own. 
Who is Anthony Fauci?  A Romanized Greek.  “Fauci” means “Scythe” in Sicilian.  It all comes full circle.  
No matter what the media tells you about Russia and Ukraine, don’t believe it. Don’t believe the NIH, CDC, WHO, DOD, or any other Alphabet Soup Agency.  
Believe the smell coming out of your water pipes. Lift your heads. Look around. 
They always want you to believe that wars are about politics or grand causes.  It’s always couched as the “Good Guys” against the “Bad Guys” — and the simple-minded Children of God believe this — but wars are never about politics and always about crimes. 
Listen carefully — wars are always slugfests between opposing groups of criminals, each trying to slough off the wages of their own misdeeds.  Wars are always smokescreens behind which the criminals reshuffle everything to suit themselves. And no matter which side wins, Joe Q. Public is always the loser. 
We must all grow up and use the wit and senses the True God gave us, to discern what is true, and we must make the choice that Joshua made such a long time ago:
“Choose this day who you will serve; as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.”