To All The American State Assemblies

By Judge Ann von Reitz

You are all suffering growing pains and an influx of new people, many of whom are deeply indoctrinated in the District Government System. 

Many Assemblies are engaged in struggles over learning and agreeing to even very basic things — like the definition of “California”.  

Who could imagine that this was even a question?  Much less a debilitating problem? 

Many of the new people come in looking for a way to seize power.  That’s why, despite the urgent need to fill offices, it’s a good idea to give them some time to get adjusted to our system, before they are elected to positions of responsibility. 

We are trying to overcome lifetimes of negative indoctrination — decades of living under the boot in a dog-eat-dog corporate hierarchy.  We’ve been living as prisoners in the “land of the free”. 

Is it rational for us to expect that these recently released prisoners will just automatically realign themselves, accept responsibility, “flip the switch” and be able to work well in a completely different system? 

No, it is not.  

I myself have to regularly re-align when I am thrown into the snakepit again and again, and have to rise above it, and expand my mind and my emotions to take me out of that ugly, foreign environment. 

So let’s engage our common sense and deal with this challenge creatively and with some humor. 

Pretend that you are all on a leaky old sailing ship in shark infested waters.  And you have to man the ship and sail it to get home.  There isn’t anyone to spare, and it’s all hands on deck…. 

You need that new person to pull a rope, trim a sail, and haul the anchor, but you also have to realize that they aren’t sailors, yet. 

The American Government is foreign to its own sons and daughters who have grown up in a completely different jurisdiction, and we all have to learn the principles and skills to operate it. 

Be patient with yourselves and with each other.  Stop all the screaming and scheming and earnestly try to learn –and do– the right thing by your country and by each other. 

Do this because your safety and your health and your wealth and everything else depends upon your willingness to work with each other and keep on working for the common good.  

When I was a little girl we used to go visit elderly relatives who still had teams of draft horses working on their farms.  I watched in wonder as these magnificent animals pulled together in harness as one united force.  

The heritage we share and the power we have is just as awe-inspiring, but it is the fruit of education and thought and soul-searching.  It doesn’t just “happen” overnight, and it’s not something that can be commanded to appear.  

Some people will get so caught up in their own imaginings that they will stray off and try to do their own thing, and try to commandeer your ship — there will be some who are untrustworthy, and some who are angry, and some who have a different destination in mind.  

Take heart.  Play nice.  Remember who you are. 

Stay centered.  Stick together. 

Have faith.  

And pull.