To All The Johnny Come Latelies

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By Anna Von Reitz

A lot of people are waking up at last.

That’s a good thing.

Each one of them is going through a period of shock, fear, anger and grief, followed by confusion, more fear—- and finally, commitment to do something about it.

People pass through these “reaction complexes” to different degrees and at different speeds, so each one of us has a unique experience of the same thing: waking up and actually seeing the world around us.

Often people come awake like hibernating bears, angry and desperate and rushing headlong into any theory that seems to make sense.

This is not a good thing when these people are just appearing now and the rest of us have been here sorting wheat from chaff for decades.

All their efforts do is cause confusion and serve to mislead people down blind alleys that are already fully dissected and known.

We’ve got a new crop of “Act of 1871ers”.

I swear on a stack of Bibles that the Act of 1871 was repealed in 1874.

I also fully affirm that the net effect of the piecemeal passage of some parts of the Act in 1877 was merely to form a Municipal Corporation belonging to the District of Columbia Government.

This can be compared to a group of investors chartering two corporations – one in Britain and one in France. There is nothing unlawful or illegal involved. There is no prohibition in either The Constitution of the United States of America or The Constitution of the United States to prevent it, either,

So, despite the role of these corporations engaging in bankruptcy fraud schemes and so much else, their formation — one in the 1840’s and one in the 1870’s cannot be the object of our complaint.

The same Newcomers who have latched onto that Red Herring are also advocating the idea that the Sovereign States of the Union are all-important, without understanding the total picture and history.

The Union States are the Sovereign States in Congress Assembled and they hold the all-important National Soil jurisdiction for our country; but, to protect themselves, they chose to delegate away “mutual” powers in the jurisdictions of the land, sea, and air.

There are reasons for this and implications that arise which you don’t notice right away.

The most important understanding is that the system of jurisdictions is based on Nature and Nature’s Law—- and the soil derives from the land, not the other way around.

Land (the subsoil) is constantly worked upon by other natural forces and processes to develop the soil.

As a result, the only way to successfully return to and populate the Union States is via the one gateway they left open— the Federation of Land Jurisdiction States, which is forever affiliated with and forever giving rise to the Soil Jurisdiction States.

You can’t have one without the other and as land creates soil, it takes precedent structurally within the system.

Put another way, you can’t have soil without land, but you can have land (subsoil) without soil.

You cannot have a National Soil Jurisdiction without having an International Land Jurisdiction first—- and this is going right over the tops of too many heads, who simplistically suppose that, hey, we can just seize the Sovereign States and go from there.

Instead, the Sovereign States collapse in upon themselves without a firm prior grounding on the land—- first.

Finally, these same gents are saying that none of the States formed since 1871 are actually States—- a supposition on their parts that is again old, worn, and thoroughly discounted.

All of the States of the Union except the first thirteen have come into existence via The Northwest Ordinance , which establishes a Territorial Government first, and once that is done, calls for enrollment of the actual State.

The only thing different about the States formed during and after the Civil War is that they were locked in a perennial substandard condition as Territorial State-Of—States, because the States of the Union were not in Session and therefore were not in position to enroll the new States.

We fixed that problem back in 2020 when the properly declared States elected to enroll all States created since 1860.


Their arguments and suppositions are logical enough, they simply aren’t true.

And we know they aren’t true because we already stomped our way through them ourselves many long years ago.

Let’s not waste any further energy on arguments that have been thoroughly researched and for one reason or another, found to be chasing up wrong trees to wrong conclusions.