Two Bad Guys v. Joe Q.. Public — Plus, Public Orders for the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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By Anna von Reitz

We are taught from the cradle to think in terms of opposites.  We naturally think that if there is a Bad Guy in a situation, there is also a Good Guy.  
But what happens when two Bad Guys — or in this case, two gangs of mercenaries — get together and collude to bilk the only Good Guy in the room?  
This is exactly what happened in this country in 1937.  
We had had two gangs of mercenaries preying upon us and fighting each other for the privilege of preying upon us ever since the Civil War, but in 1937, they got together and signed The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States —- and decided to work together in the common cause of bilking the General Public.  
When they combined their efforts they were able to play endless gambits, double dipping, triple dipping, foisting off mortgages, using public infrastructure as collateral backing their debts, using the labor of the people of this county as collateral backing their debts, using the homes and land and businesses of the people as collateral backing their debts.  
They were able to do this by each group setting up “franchises” for themselves.  
The Territorial Government created doppelganger British Persons — Legal Fiction Persons— to mirror every living American. They simply seized upon our lawful Family Names and Trademarks without our knowledge or consent, and used them instead as the names of British Franchisees.  These “Franchise Persons” were all Subjects of the Queen and subject to her statutory laws.  
The Municipal Government paid the Queen to rent these British Persons and created a whole bunch of Municipal Corporation Franchises “in their names” —- which are actually our names—-and they created Cestui Que Vie Trusts and Public Transmitting Utilities and all sorts of Special Purpose Vehicles named after us, and ran them as corporations benefiting themselves. 
Americans, of course, were never told a word about any of these cozy arrangements, and understandably mistook bills and other correspondences addressed to these British Persons and Municipal PERSONS as correspondence addressed to them.  
The crooks then said to themselves, ah, they accepted the correspondence, so they must be agreeing to adopt British Territorial Citizenship!  And they must be agreeing to adopt Municipal citizenship, too!   — All without required disclosure, or any meeting of the minds at all.  
Both groups of Mercenaries were very happy, and settled in to play “Both Ends Against the Middle”  — with Joe Q. Public in the middle.  
This continued unabated until 1998 when the confused and irritated Americans began waking up and questioning the whole situation.  How did our Employees become our Masters?  Why aren’t our Constitutional Guarantees being honored?  How come our property is mortgaged?  Who or what died and left me with the bill?  How and when did I agree to pay a mortgage for something or someone else?  Why is the IRS chasing after me, claiming that I received “Federal Income”? 
It’s all Bushwah.  It’s all a Con Game.  It’s all garden variety fraud based on similar names deceit, but it hasn’t been addressed as a crime, because those committing the crimes are the ones responsible for preventing it from happening in the first place. 
The Perps, including the members of the Bar Associations, just made up imaginary persons named after Americans, and charged all their debts off against those imaginary persons, leaving the American victims to pay for it.
Now that this has been fully discovered and exposed and recognized for the fraud that it is, the two gangs of Mercenaries are playing Good Cop, Bad Cop.  
The Territorial Government is prosecuting the Municipal Government and taking over Municipal Corporations, under the pretense that, OMG!  We never read their Constitution (or ours) and didn’t know that the Municipal Government wasn’t allowed outside the District of Columbia!  
Why, how did that happen?  
This is more or less being hailed as a step in the right direction, because we get shed of one layer of mercenary menace and nuisance—- and cost; but, what about the remaining Territorial mercenaries?  
While they are busily prosecuting and in some cases hanging presumed-to-be Municipal citizens and having a field day evicting Municipal PERSONS (and still not bothering to spare the American Principals those PERSONS were named after) —- we haven’t lost sight of the fact that none of this could have happened without collusion between the Territorial and Municipal Governments against their Employers and against the Public Interest and against the Constitutions.  
Oh, no, we’ve got a full-on nose of it.  
We know that the Territorial Government failed us, Big Time, for a hundred and sixty years.  It was our Generals, especially Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman, and Salmon P. Chase, who was a banker and Chief Justice under Lincoln, and William Henry Seward, Secretary of State under Lincoln, who got that ball rolling.  
They figured, as many Bar Attorneys do to this day, that they would have more power and be able to extract more money from the Public if they were able to use the coercive powers of the Territorial Government and the statutory and administrative “laws” they made up for themselves, instead of adhering to the Public Law and the Law of the Land.  
There’s just one big problem for all of them.  Those men committed secretive treason back in 1865, and every Officer since then has, whether they knew it or not, done the same by not taking action to return the purloined power back to the States and people.  
We have spelled out the history and the Who is Who, and we are making it explicitly clear that the Joint Chiefs owe their duty to us and to the American States and people, not to themselves and their own self-interest, not to foreign Principals engaged in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of their commercial contracts. 
Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 
Our States are in Session and the Duty of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is to assist us in restoring the civilian government to full function.   
The Territorial Government can start by recognizing the fact that most mortgages in this country have been created under conditions of non-disclosure and fraud, and by holding the American Principals harmless in all foreclosure actions.  
Leave the Americans in their homes and on their farms and in charge of their businesses regardless of whether or not they have a Social Security Number/Account attached to a NAME.  
Nobody was ever given full disclosure when entering into any History Class in this country, much less when receiving a loan of their own credit from a dishonest bank, or signing up for a Federal pension program when they were told to do so by undeclared Foreign Agents acting under color of law. 
Release funds owed to our American Government so that we can proceed with what we need to get done in terms of organizing and educating Americans and providing services to the Public as we go forward.  
We also wish to reiterate that this country has a treaty with Russia which Russia has always honored, ever since 1858.  Nobody is authorized to violate any iota of that treaty of peace and mutual support.  
We hereby Order the Joint Chiefs to stand down all military preparations aimed at action in Europe and also Order the Joint Chiefs to prepare instead to vacate occupation of those countries which have been under their military occupation since 1945.  
If the Joint Chiefs had been following their proper Chain of Command and doing their jobs correctly, there wouldn’t be a war in the Ukraine right now.  No mercenary interest of any kind will persuade us to add any fuel to that fire and there’d better not be any False Flag events ginned up by any contractors or Agents, either.  
The published rate of recoupment for damages for every American life lost is one (1) trillion dollars per American killed, maimed, or incapacitated in any way.  The Principals and their Central Banks will be charged. 
We desire no confusion whatsoever between our country and similarly named foreign corporations acting as commercial mercenary organizations and if there is any such confusion, we shall hold those corporations and their officers 100% individually and commercially liable.  
No Americans are to be conscripted under force of any foreign Selective Service Act.  No equipment funded by Americans is to be used to attack any other nation.  Read your contract. 
The Joint Chiefs of Staff are tasked with defending this country, including its borders.  They are not tasked with occupying foreign countries for 77 years,  using petty legalistic excuses to evade clearly stated Duties and Obligations, or otherwise engaging in commercial and political activities. 
It is our understanding that Admiralty Law is being invoked throughout the Insular States and Possessions as a means to deal with the rampant criminality that has been unleashed by the corporations responsible for these acts of fraud, human trafficking, and treason against this country and its people.  
Do what you have to do.  Take them out on the High Seas, if need be—- but remember your Oath and Duty to these States and people.  
We are not gone, not missing, not absent, not in interregnum, and not happy with the things that have been done and created in our names.  Every single one of us is owed every jot of the original Federal Constitution and everyone who claims and publishes their political status as an American is grandfathered-in to receive those guarantees. 
Our States of the Union have issued a Peace Treaty and International Peace Proclamation officially ending the American Civil War, so that excuse for continuing presumptions of warfare on our shores– and vacuous false claims pertaining to the political status of babies purportedly abandoned on any battlefield here —-is at an end. 
                                           By: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                                           By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                                           The United States of America