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By Anna von Reitz

High School Students in several States are being told through their school affiliations that they “must” sign up for “Selective Service” now and that they can get in trouble if they don’t. 
This is a lie and if they follow these instructions, their own action will be taken as volunteering and applying to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.  
They are being asked to provide name, address, and “Social Security Number” — which would be used against them as evidence that they were “voluntarily” acting as Municipal United States citizens. 
We will fight to defend America, but we will not fight to defend criminals.  Not anymore. 
Our High School Students aren’t being illegally press-ganged and sent to their deaths to defend criminals again.  It’s over. 
The Pentagon and CIA have gone rogue, as have elements in the United Nations.  
International Arrest Warrants are being issued. 
These entities have no authority whatsoever to impose any kind of Selective Service, Draft, or to engage in any press-ganging or conscription activity on our shores.  
Please inform all High School Principals in your area and take Witnesses to confirm that you have delivered this information to them in person or via Registered Mail.  Nail them and your city officials all across this country with unequivocal refusal to obey any more illegal, foreign edicts issued by corporations of any kind.  
Get off your rumps now, and protect our young people!  Educate the Educators.  And hold them 100% personally and commercially liable for spreading false and misleading information.