Use Your Imagination

noose, hangman, hanging-312261.jpg
By Anna von Reitz
It is now clear that massive genocide has been committed against the entire world population by all the opportunistic patent holders that got on the bacteriological warfare profit bandwagon. 
It is clear that they did the same thing with this that they have done throughout their history — changed the meanings of words to promote theft and death.  In the 1860’s they changed the word “person” to mean “corporation”.  Now, they changed the word “vaccination” to mean   “gene therapy” that wasn’t tested, isn’t “safe and effective”, and does nothing to prevent transmission of the Common Cold.  
You were all lied to by the doctors on the take, the politicians who were on the take, the Hollywood stars who were either ignorant or on the take…..
Because a lot of fools wanted to make money.  And because they have also been duped into believing that the world is overpopulated.  This last ridiculous assumption served as the excuse for them to do this, which is really just an excuse they wanted anyway, to justify their greed. 
So we have another new invention from them called  “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” as if we can’t put two and two together and arrive at four.  
And the insurance companies are trying to avoid paying life insurance policies on the victims when they die “suddenly” for “unknown” reasons.  Right. 
Now, everyone, use your imaginations  — all of you who have lost friends and family and money and life because of these cretins — imagine injecting the perpetrators with their own foul crud.  Give them dose after dose after dose. Feel the hypodermic needle slamming home, releasing its lethal payload into their veins.  Let’s see how long they last. 
It’s a silent experiment in “Social Justice”.  
Also notice that the videos of the dying show them staggering and twitching like dying bugs. This is evidence of nerve poisoning and cardiac arrest.  And we even know what the poison is — cobra venom being sequenced and built in their own cells.  
Nicotine attaches to the same receptors, so you are going to be sick and die —- and they are going to claim it was by your own hand —- either way. 
You must realize that your illness is their gold mine. They are promoting disease and poisons for the same reason they have promoted wars: profit.  
And the only way to stop these insane profiteers is to boycott the entire medical establishment and start bringing these heinous criminals to justice.