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By Anna von Reitz

Viper Venom Update

 Millions of people who have been “vaccinated” are now fully jerked awake. The idea of their own body being tricked into producing snake venom proteins is horrifying enough to get their attention, and just when the Vermin were preparing to try to Poo-Poo Dr. Bryan Ardis as a Know-Nothing Quack, he returned the hard evidence of their patents.   Oh, my.  There they are, black and white.  But, there is another twist to all of this….  Patrick Jordan at has been telling the story of COBRA VENOM since 2009 based on the 1972 W.H.O. Memos that outline how to create the perfect vaccine weapon since cobra venom inhibits the Complement System.  The memos are available at the website. He is a bout to release a book on the Memos for the 50- year anniversary. Banded Kraits and King Cobras are BOTH elapids and the Pentagon was studying snake venoms since 1968. And in case all that isn’t enough proof of who the Guilty Parties really are, here’s more:   So, the same Pentagon and their pals at NATO killed the Ukrainian President, installed a cross-dressing Florida millionaire named  “Zelensky” so they could set up all these illegal bioweapon facilities in the Ukraine and do what?  Profit from all that research on snake venom.   And you will notice that way back in 1972, these Memos were coming out of what? WHO — the World Health Organization at the United Nations.  That’s where all this crap is spewing from, both then and now.   Scientifically, there is nothing very advanced or special about this snake venom idea. Crazed lunatics at Monsanto have been tricking corn plants into producing their own internal pesticides for decades. We are then forced to eat the pesticides along with the corn, but Monsanto never thought more than two seconds about that.   The snake mRNA wasn’t stable enough to deliver without encapsulating it and pulling some other tricks, but, hey, nothing too hard for Frankenscience.  They struggled onward toward their insane goal until they got there.   And there’s more: And still more: (only 124 papers demonstrating the connection between vaccination and autism) This old Senior Field Commander is making her report explicit enough so that it can be read loud and clear in Outer Andromeda.  The Primal Creator is hearing every word, full volume.  It’s past time to issue the international arrest warrants.