What is a “Legal Title”? 

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By Anna von Reitz

For starters, legal titles are foreign to America.  They simply are not part of our system at all. 
Legal titles come into the lives of Americans when a man or woman signs the dotted line and joins the U.S. Military. They knowingly  or unknowingly, form a contract for service with the British Territorial Government and accept the foreign status of a U.S. Citizen.  This British Territorial Citizen cannot own land in this country and is technically a subject of the Queen for the duration of their Tour of Duty.  
Not only does our own sovereignty preclude U.S. Citizens from owning land in this country, but the British System that they are entering “voluntarily” when they enroll in the military service, doesn’t allow them to own land at all.  
In the British System all land belongs to the Queen and is part of the National Trust.  Brits only receive a “privilege” from the Queen called a “title” that allows them the right to live on and develop a parcel of land as a tenant living on real (“real” is a synonym for “royal”) estate, so long as they pay the Queen’s property taxes, obey all regulations, and generally kow-tow to the Queen. 
This is exactly what the rest of us fought The War of Independence to be rid of. 
We, Americans, own our land and soil by survey (metes and bounds, landmarks, cornerstones) and by either land grant or United States Patent.  
We don’t accept land “titles” except to pay off whatever valid interest the title holder has, and then, we revert them to grants and patents, thus removing the land and soil from the British Territorial United States National Trust. 
An American member of the U.S. Military upon leaving the service is eligible to reclaim their birthright political status as an American and recoup both their Constitutional Guarantees and their land and soil interests, but since WWII, they must serve Notice of their “return” to their natural birthright political status to their Branch Commander and as a separate action, republish their land grant or land patent to remove their property from the Queen’s Title System. 
The second legitimate way that an American gets entangled in the legal title system is by being born in a “foreign enclave” or “insular state” such as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or the [British Territorial] State of Ohio [instead of Ohio] or the District of Columbia, for example. 
Most of us have been entrapped by a Territorial “state of state” when we were babies in our cradle.  These foreign organizations have claimed, falsely, that we are all British Territorial U.S. Citizens “residing” in British Territorial State-of-States, when in fact, we are Americans living in our native States, which have physical borders and are substantive. 
Like the requirement that we give Notice to our Branch Commander when we leave the service, we are required to declare our identity as Americans and publish our return to our actual States of the Union, or the Queen’s Government continues to “presume” that we are British Territorial United States Citizens, with all the duties, limitations, and obligations that status implies. 
Like her claim to own all land and to hold all land in trust for British and Commonwealth/Territorial Citizens, the Queen also claims to own your Proper Name as a “Legal Title” — IF you are: (1) a British Territorial Citizen or (2) an American on the High Seas or Navigable Inland Waterways.  
The question is — are you knowingly and voluntarily and under conditions of full disclosure choosing to live your life as a British Territorial Citizen?  Yes or no?  And if you are an American, are you on the High Seas or Navigable Inland Waterways?   Yes or no? 
If you agree to give up your supremely beneficial status as an American, the Queen gets to boss you around, claim “title” to you and everything you own, and act as your “benevolent dictator”.  There have always been Tories among us who prefer this subjugation.  
The rest of us have other options that we have fought and bled for.  
So what is a “legal title” — it’s a privilege conferred by a foreign government on foreign citizens living in our country on a temporary basis.  Both the Proper Names and the Property belonging to these foreign U.S. Citizens are held in trust and titles are issued to them as tenants (their land and soil holdings) or as “Authorized Representatives” of the Queen, mostly British Merchant Marine Warrant Officers known as “Taxpayers”.  
Taxpayer actually means that you are collecting taxes for and paying taxes to the Queen. 
When Americans get entrapped in this British System,  the actual landlords of this country get reduced to the status of being tenants of the Queen, and unless they reclaim and republish their land grants and land patents, they lose actual ownership and control of their lands and homes. 
If they fail to also declare their political status on the Public Record, they are additionally victimized by the Queen’s “presumption” that they are British Territorial Citizens until proven otherwise. 
Being a British Territorial Citizen is the exact same status as being a Colonist, only under a different name.  British Territorial Citizens are obligated to know and obey millions of Federal Codes, they own nothing, not even their own names.  The Constitutional Guarantees do not apply to them.  
Would you rather have a privilege, or a right?  
Americans claim back their rights when they record and publish their correct political status and reclaim their land and soil patents and grants.  Until they do, the Queen’s Government will continue to “latch onto” them and falsely claim that they are chattel property franchises of the British Crown, tenants, and “volunteers” serving as “Taxpayers”.  
This grotesque crime is ongoing and only individual Americans can stop it by taking action to correct their own political status records and joining their own State Assembly in support of the actual American Government.  
Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net  and get started on the road home today.