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 By Anna Von Reitz

People are waking up in vast numbers, mainly because they have to.  They are waking up scared, confused, and many times, angry.  Hibernating bears in spring come to mind.  Or teenagers having to wake up extra early for a Civics exam.   But we need Civics and truthful American History in a big way, like it or not.  I would guess, based on experience, that about 80% of Americans don’t know that America is not a “democracy” of any kind and never has been. Even the so-called intelligentsia don’t know that basic factoid and endlessly prattle on about “our democracy” and “threats to democracy” and its plain to see that they actually think that America is a democracy when it’s not and never has been.   Next time your relatives (the  ones who won’t invite you to Thanksgiving Dinner) need proof that they really are clueless — tell them that America isn’t a democracy.  The British Territorial United States — one of our Federal Subcontractors—- is a democracy, but we aren’t.  For all intents and purposes our government in international jurisdiction is an unincorporated Federation of fifty sovereign states — and it’s not a democracy, either.  Go figure. You’ve heard it all your life— “our democracy” and most of you thought we were talking about an American democracy.   I will lay hard money that all the Media Talking Heads think this country is a democracy.  I bet Nancy Pelosi thinks this is a democracy.  And that is one of the big, dumb, ugly things about America right now.   The Public Education system (that is supposed to be educating the Public— that  means you and me, Brothers and Sisters) is instead dumbing us down.   Most of us don’t remember who we are, how our government is organized, and what form of government we are supposed to have in charge.  So let’s say it again, loudly: “We are guaranteed a republican form of government, which means community-based self-government—- and it has nothing to do with the Republican Party. “  We don’t even have political parties.  We have political opinions, which is another story.  Other signs of mental fog— stiffly fought grudge matches based on historical competition.   Does Green Bay v Chicago make any sense when all the players from both teams come from anywhere but Green Bay and Chicago?  It used to be, long ago, that the men of Green Bay would knock their knuckles on the green grass and go toe to toe against men who actually lived in Chicago.  It really was Green Bay against Chicago. Literally.  And everybody knew it. Heck, the teams were owned and supported by the cities that provided the stadiums, or by the local fan club.  We got to go tribal, wear our colors, don the cheese wedge helmet and cheer, cheer, cheer!   But now it’s meaningless. It’s just random teams of men pulled from a worldwide talent pool.  Te Deum.  The teams thus drafted are owned by billionaire corporatists who can tell the players to do anything they please—- so long as they pay them all millions of dollars.  And that is also what’s wrong with America.  People grow up thinking that money can buy anything and everyone.  They think everyone has a price and so, in such a world, the players are all whores. Well-paid, but whores nonetheless.   And this is what we are teaching our kids to value?  To look up to?  To model after?  Last year I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I boycotted the Green Bay – Chicago game, too. I am from Wisconsin, but the team isn’t, even if they are required to live there part time for a few months every year.  So football goes in my rag bag like television in general, with a big so what?  All they do is lie and talk about useless things and try to pretend that their opinions are “news stories”. Just like the football players pretend to come from Green Bay.   I learned a new word from my cat fit for such occasions:  “Phffffth!!!”  And why can’t Americans put their grocery carts away in the right racks?  They put the small carts in the big cart rack, and if possible, vice versa.  What is this, people? 320 million people who are frustrated and want to take it out on other shoppers?  One last, desperate attempt to say, “Up yours!” —- or a cry for help?  What good can come from a nation that fails the Shopping Cart Test?  So there is a sample of what is wrong in America.   Now you want to hear what’s good about America?  Most of us know that there are some things that can’t be bought.  Most of us can learn how to be part of a self-governing country.  Most of us still care.  Most of us know when we are being fed tripe—- if we stop and think about it.  And most of us know how to work hard and persevere under difficult conditions.  Very soon we can expect news of disaster and have multiple sensationalist news stories trying to distract us—- but what I expect to see beginning on September 20th 2022, will happen very quietly — the end of the Federal Reserve and/or it’s merger with the International Monetary Fund.  The salad days of the free-wheeling con artists selling “free dollars at half the cost” will be over. The era of blood money and illegal taxation will be over—- but we all need to stay on our toes and stand ready to answer the next Sting they come up with.  


And the next. And the next. And the next….